Sunday, January 25, 2009

40-Days of Prosperity! Day One! 2009

I stayed at weaving class most of the day so I am sorry to get this out a little later in the day - but all is well.

The 40-day Prosperity plan is a process to help you clarify just where and how you receive your abundance. No person, place or condition is your source of prosperity - it is the Universal Spirit or Creator or God or Spirit World that is your source. Once we let go money, jobs, etc... as our source of supply the abundance of the universe is found right at your feet.

Some may be skeptical about trying this plan BUT I assure you it works!!! Last year was a challenge for me - but I became clear that no one has power over me and that one door has to close sometimes for another to open. By the time I was done with this 40 day plan I was going on a healing trip to Zanzibar - as gift from a dear friend. Before participating in the plan I would have never thought that my first trip to the continent would happen this way BUT Spirit has the final word. So just surrender to the consciousness of prosperity and SEE what happens. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! LIVE IT!

Materials needed:-
a journal + 15 minutes a day for meditation + another 5-10 minutes to write in your journal.

I also suggest doing a vision board - which is a collage with images what you would like to manifest in this new year. Get a large poster board and cut out images from a magazine - include words as well. Place the completed board in a place where you can reflect on the images and words each day. Include this board in your process.

Each day you will be given the affirmation for the day. Write this affirmation down in your journal. Say the affirmation out loud a few times then meditate on for 15 minutes. Just focus on your natural breath - you don't need to visualize or say anything. After meditation write in your journal what comes up for you around this affirmation or what is on your mind at that moment.

Each day for 40-days complete this process. There are only 10 affirmations so when you are done with number 10 start again with affirmation number 1. There is no right or wrong with what you journal - this is simply a part of the process.

There is only ONE RULE, if you forget to do your affirmation and meditation one day then you need to start the whole 40 day process over again. This process is about a deep determination to free your mind from a consciousness of lack - a viewpoint that only can conceive of a world where there is never is a place where lots of suffering takes place. When you shift your consciousness to prosperity consciousness you begin to see that there is more than enough resources on the planet for everyone to live happy prosperous lives. The world opens up and you are drawn to your abundance and it to you. While you are in this process opportunities will come up for your to give - this is the PERFECT TIME to put into action your new belief about abundance - give without question or expectation and see how it is returned in the most beautiful ways.

This not about money but your divine inheritance. I will write an affirmation on this blog each day. Please comment on your experiences as we go along. Many blessings to you on this journey.


1. God/the Creator is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the Reality of me.

Meditate for 15 minutes on this affirmation then journal your thoughts.

Sistah C