Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today as I begin to fast and cleanse I am contemplating the idea of receiving. By nature and design a woman receives. Knowing this simple concept helps Sistahs to step back and ask themselves "What is it that I am receiving?"

Rev.Lisa at Black Women Blow the Trumphet had a post about looking at your life like it is a pot and taking a careful look at what you are adding to the pot. I found this helpful because I found myself in the middle of making a beautiful, diverse gumbo of life. I value teachings from all over and I value tasting all of what life has to offer...However, when you are making gumbo it is important to know what kind of ingredients will make your gumbo spoil. The elder women in my family always differed on exactly what would make your gumbo spoil but the rule of thumb was to make sure what ever you add was "healthy and right" on its own.

If you are open to life and the lessons it has to teach you then your gumbo will thrive with diversity of experience BUT make sure of the quality of experience you are adding will not spoil the beauty of what you have created thus far.
The other day I did my own tarot reading for the new year and I got the "magician". The magician is an alchemist - a careful weaver of energies - pouring from one vessel to the other with awareness - seeking to achieve just the right balance.

My life had taught me to value the preciousness of this special recipe that is me. The Creator gave me the "rue" (the base) which is my life. My Ancestors contributed a unique set of ingredients to my gumbo knowing that I would carry on good and powerful things for my bloodline. My family raised me with the best possible intentions - making sure I would grow up to be successful and blessed by the Creator. With all that already in my pot my mission is to continue to sweeten the pot - continue to care for has been given to me and grow it...This is the science of life.I am going to carry this understanding into my fast for the next week as I fast and renew.

Sunday is the beginning of the 40-day Prosperity Plan. You can either buy the book or really just participate with me online.
You will need:
* a journal
* 15 minutes a day (minimum) to meditate on the affirmation of that day.
Optional but worth trying:
*give something away each day of the plan.
*vision board
The 40-day prosperity plan is about you opening yourself up to receiving prosperity in all its forms AND realizing that you have all that you need right now to live the life you want to live RIGHT NOW! Last year I was blessed in soooo many ways and I continue to be...Its a beautiful practice. I hope you will join me.

Sistah C