Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why A Sistah Needs Chocolate

Ok, my Sistahs- I have rarely spoke about the subject of Pleasure Seeking but there is a time and place for everything and now I confess that I have been eating chocolate for the last three days. After years of being a vegan and truly avoiding the whole "food" I recently just gave into my urges and got a nice expensive bar of chocolate. Ummm... it was soooo yummy, soooo delicious. I ate the whole thing and it felt good.

According to Italian researchers, women who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life than those who deny themselves the treat. Those consuming the sugary snack had the highest levels of desire, arousal and satisfaction from sex.

The urologists from San Raffaele hospital, Milan, questioned 163 women about their consumption of chocolate as well as their experience of sexual fulfilment.

The study, which will be presented at the European Society for Sexual Medicine in London next month, found: “Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Chocolate can have a positive physiological impact on a woman’s sexuality.”

Dr Andrea Salonia, author of the study — funded from a university research budget, not by the confectionery industry — said women who have a low libido could even become more amorous after eating chocolate. He believes chocolate could be particularly medicinal for women who shun sex because they are suffering from premenstrual tension.

“Chocolate is not like a food, it is like a drug. Women who suffer mood swings as a result of their menstrual cycle may also suffer a dip in their sexual function. I strongly believe eating chocolate may improve their sexual function,” said Salonia.

I understand the work that has to be done in the world - the healing that needs to take place, the fight for justice AND I also am beginning to understand the need to invite JOY into our lives. I am the first to tell you that health is important and I understand (or as my friend Mama Yaa says "overstand") the need for sensations of joy and pleasure in our lives. Many of us don't allow ourselves the simple things that bring us moments of happiness.

I have checked out so many erotic blogs lately and I love the way Sistahs are re-claiming the realm of Joy in their lives. Many of us work hard and as another friend says "we need to play hard". The new moon in Taurus is about making real what is in our minds.

I am a big advocate of abundant thinking - having the belief that every being on this planet deserves for the cup to overflow with prosperity. I notice in all my years of prosperity practice that blocks divert your flow. Many of us long for happiness, financial independence, success, love, peace and those things are already in our lives we just have to see with new eyes.

Lately, I have used the practice of inviting Spirit to create abundance, love and peace in my life. One morning in my meditations I made a specific INVITATION and do you know that immediately before I could get up from my meditation cushion I had a call for a new client! The rest of the week worked that way, too. My life was overflowing with opportunities...I told a couple of friends and they said the same took place for them. You see prosperity needs an INVITATION - you can want something all your life but you need to formalize the request to the universe. In this action you transition to ACTION.

Sistahs, I want you to take this week and INVITE in pleasure for yourself. Everyday, in small ways or BIG ways take a pleasure trip. Be bold and see where it gets you - what doors does it open up for you? Discover what you have been suppressing - release and let Life Flow in You.

I got a deep message last weekend, that now is the time for Sistahs to step into the river of abundance - to change our lives so they Work for Us. If you need help, here are a few suggestions:

1. Buy a bar of Lindt Chocolate and eat is slowly, deliberately while in a bathtub with scented bubbles.

2. Instead of a shower every morning, take a candle lit bath everyday before work - see how this changes your day...

3. Dress up in your most beautiful outfit and take yourself to lunch or dinner.

4. Ask your mate for a sensual massage or go get a nice massage from a professional.

5.Invite a another pleasure seeking friend to a glass of wine/tea after work (yes, pay a babysitter and get out)

*Remember, husbands can watch children, not everything cost money, pleasure can be found in a cup of herbal tea or bubble bath...SMILE and for just this moment find 100 things to feel joyful about...*

I could go on...but write me and give me more ideas...

Sistah C


Invisible Woman said...

I love going to thrift stores. I bought the most amazing blouse today for $3.98, and it looks like it cost 50 times that much. A pretty blouse brought me pleasure, and there was no guilt cause it was 4 bucks!

PlantingaSeedNow said...

Wonderful Advice Sister C...I will take your advice and check back in eow.... Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Sistah C,

I often indulge in chocolate. I'm sorry to say it has replaced sex for me until I decide to be in a relationship. So I treat myself to 1) pedicures, 2) 3 mile walks, 3) aromatherapy, 4) happy hour with my girls at my house!! Those are some of my ideas on how feel joy and pleasure!!

Sistah C said...

Thank you, Invisible. You just reminded me of the thrill of finding that little something special at the thrift store...Will give that a try this week.

Let me know what clicks for you.

I long for a good pedicure...I have held off all winter long and now it is time to go get some hot pink on my toes! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my small way of thrilling myself that may sound silly. About this time of year after I get my winter coats dry cleaned I slip a few dollars in the pocket of one or two. I always forget about which one, or even that I did it in the first place. Then, the first cold day of the winter or fall when I am ticked off that I have to wear a coat, I get a nice unexpected surprise!

Sistah C said...

I LUV THIS! Why not gift yourself - sweet little somethings for later...
Everyone has such wonderful ideas...
Sis C

julie mitchell said...

Good morning..

We women do need to take time for selfish's like an appt. we must make..Otherwise we'll forever be caught up in the everyday to do lists...For me it can be a simple as a walk in nature, which I'm blessed with right in my backyard..This is a great reminder...thank you..!

Sistah C said...

Hi Julie,
How could I have forgotten about Mama Nature. I get cleansed every time I step out into the woods - it is like all of the electro-energy stuff just drops off my body and my mind is clear again. YES, we have to make deliberate appointments to give to ourselves - so true. Thanks for your comment!
Sis C

Anonymous said...

I love this! So many of us sisters are focused on the "struggle" and don't leave room for pleasure of any kind. Thank you for speaking to our need for pleasure. Raw chocolate with agave nectar is a delicious indulgence too. Peace.
Liaya Aneb Nua

Sistah C said...

Its soooo true! I would love for Sistahs to transition our plight into a revolutionary drive for love, joy and overflowing abundance.
Yes, raw chocolate is a very delicious delight - I just to make these nice raw chocolate smoothies - I think it consisted of soaked raw almonds, a dash of vanilla, raw chocolate, some agave, water - blended with ice... very yummy...
Thanks for your comment.
Sis C

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Sista C,
I love paintings like this.
Brotha Mista Jaycee