Sunday, May 3, 2009

Following Up On Pleasure Seeking!

Well Sistah Wombyn,
I got so many good suggestions from the last post on Why A Sistah Needs Chocolate that I decided to follow up and tell you all about my adventures. Well, I continued to eat chocolate for a couple of more days without any guilt and after a bar or two the craving subsided and I felt like it served a deep purpose to balance me out. I then just took a day and dedicated it to art and creativity - I cleaned off my crafts desk and just found so many things I had plans for stashed away in little envelopes - like vintage pictures, decorative papers, stamps. I also decided to color my hair this bright red color called FLAME and I twisted my hair up in these tiny twist let it dry and uncoiled them. I went to the gym and worked out hard then relaxed in the steam room. I also just sat with myself and allowed myself to dream AND dream BIG...I visualized myself reaching some specific goals by the end of this year. I even shared one dream with a few friends and it became a communal dream - at the end of the year having a nice SistahGoddess Retreat in Zanzibar. So, if you can feel this dream maybe you will pour a little sugar on it and join us!

We Sistahs are such bright lights when we are happy and in joy. It is like the world lights up! Each day I see how we can invite Spirit to Re-shape our lives - we can work with our consciousness to expand our opportunities. I was just speaking with a friend who returned from a powerful trip to South Africa with a women's choir - she said everywhere they went to perform they were treated like royalty. She told me of going to a small rural area to a school and when the choir arrived at the gates each child from the school danced each member of the choir through the gates to welcome them. That is how Spirit works when you make an invitation to allow miracles into your life - beautiful, unexpected, heartfelt things happen - you are danced through the gates of prosperity and abundance.

I watched this clip on youtube where Les Brown said, "If you are not happy, then what else is there?" I thought he was right. If your life is not moving in a direction that you want it to go then why are you there? Choose a different path - take a risk - run up ahead and see the light at the end of the tunnel. A beautiful poet named Sekou Sundiata said "Better things come to those who wait AND better things come to those who don't." Are you experiencing a life of low risk, low outcome? Then perhaps Sistah Wombyn it is time to reach out for something outrageous, something so outlandish, so once to be thought of as impossible. I think there is a energetic portal that is now open that is allowing the once unthinkable dream to come true. Give it a try this week and let me know what happens...
Your Unapologetic Pleasure Seeking,
Sistah C
PS. I just joined Twitter - I think I am going to like it...sign up and tell me what you are up to.


julie mitchell said...

This is such a beautiful post and such a call to action. Life is short, women need to live their dreams...step into them...not everyone can move in big ways or take giant steps, but each day small steps can be taken in the direction you are called toward and once the movement begins it is amazing how much Spirit steps up to carry you. I'm an old crone who learned this rather late in life...The quote you use here from Les Brown is quite moving...everyone deserves to be happy...really what else is there?
I'm sharing your post with my 25 year old daughter who is at a cross road in her lifes journey...enjoy, julie

Invisible Woman said...

Started with cloring my hair, lol! :-)