Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where Two or More Are Gathered...

I started to write a post this morning and Spirit stopped me told me to "have faith in God rather than man". I saw through out the day how much faith I put in others and how often I am picking over this or that when all that ever really matters is the TRUTH of what I am seeking...People (you, I and others) are forever growing and expanding we can not be the same in any one moment - the physiology of our being is always shedding one thing and growing another...our minds are learning, can we be the same...Spirit gives us free will to grow in the way we need to grow, to honor our divine process and live in alignment with our highest good.

In the last few weeks different Sistah friends have expressed a need to expand on our vision of prosperity with a prayer circle. I was open to it and tonite a few of us got together. It was so POWERFUL - so RIGHT! I sat in front of my altar as we spoke, declared and wo-manifested our desires. I feel so new and at peace that I had to share it with you Sistahs! We are so much more than we understand - and when we are concentrated on a fixed purpose -we are tapping into the realm of God, Goddess, Creator Spirit.

It was said tonite that when we partake in union with Spirit we are delighting ourselves in the realm of God. This delight - this state of being is where we receive the direct revelation of truth. So Sistahs, take the time - 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour - even if it is just in the bathroom while in the shower to give thanks, gratitude and acknowledge of the indwelling Spirit as the Source of All Your Good! See how this time of delighting in Creator - shapes your day.

My Prayer
Spirit I appreciate your presence in my life.
I know I was born divinely blessed and always favored.
I allow myself to recognize the greatness of who I am
by simply inviting Spirit to be my one and only Source.
No person, no place and no condition has power over me -
no man/woman is greater than me - for I am the first born
of the Mother/Father God and I receive the divine inheritance
promised to me before I was placed in my mother's womb!
I know this moment marks a new day, a new way!
Cleanse my mind from the thought that any human is more powerful
than the Spirit that has created me!
I drink from the cup of God, I bathe in the water of Spirit
This is the TRUTH of MY LIFE!
I give my gratitude, my service and my thanks.
Ashe, A-wombyn, Amen!


coachrlm said...

Wonderful writing. I am always excited when people confess to being led by the Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I think the post should acquire more info then it has.