Monday, May 25, 2009

A Powerful Energy!

Sistahs! Right NOW is such an important time! I believe that a "cosmic portal" is now open for us to CHANGE OUR LIVES if it is what we want. I began to realize this when I found out about a couple of business opportunities. Both opportunities have the potential to create cash flow - however there is some risk involved. The risk is a HIGH INVESTMENT but surprisingly the investment is not monetary instead it is has to do with creating a CONSCIOUSNESS that would allow SUCCESS TO ENTER INTO MY LIFE. I am attracted to any process that challenges me to grow my prosperity consciousness so I INVESTED in both ventures. It has been a short period of time and I have been doing really well. I can actually see that in very little time I will be very successful.

Creating true financial freedom is like taking a journey on the underground railroad. I can imagine that a Sistah has to be like SistahGoddess Harriet Tubman - striking out on your own at first because no one was prepared to go on the journey that seemed "crazy or unattainable" - however once SistahGoddess Harriet Tubman made it she went back to get others to freedom. Some of the folks she helped she had to pull a gun on because they wanted to give up in the middle of the journey and return to slavery. She would remind them that there was no turning back - giving up would endanger them all.

Life is funny - many of us would swear up and down and we want financial freedom but we won't take the risk that is involved to achieve such an endeavor. We won't start the business or complete the project... A friend reminded me that "freedom is never given..." The world is changing from an industrial work model to an idea/information model. It is no longer a reality that a Sistah will work just one job in her life and expect to retire from that job. It is even more of a reality that the way banks and other financial institutions use to operate is no longer the case - every institution is restructuring -reconfiguring and Sistah - so is society. More millionaires were made during the depression than in any other time. Why? Because two people can look at the same situation and see two different things - one Sistah can see a recession and the other Sistah can see an opportunity to CHANGE HER LIFE!

If you have done the 40 Day Prosperity plan with me you know that aligning your consciousness with abundance is a 24/7 job. The reason why is that your mind is like fertile ground - if you plant weeds that is what will grow - if you plant flowers of prosperity that is what will wo-manifest. Watching the news or reading the news will cancel out your hard work because it confirms a negative reality. I went downstairs for a moment and my mother was flipping through channels on the daytime tv and every other channel had people engaged in an argument, fist fighting, women brawling on a talk show and I thought to myself, "why would you expose your mind to these images?"

True change many times requires a radical shift in mindset. I watched an old Les Brown clip where he said "Many people are dissatisfied with their life because they engage in low-risk living." Success requires you to take some risk. When I was in a marriage with my finances being controlled - my life being controlled basically - I had to believe in myself enough to take a risk and leave behind a life that was materially ok but emotionally and physically abusive. I had to re-remember that I had accomplished many things before I got married and that I could do THAT AND MORE - so MUCH MORE when I was free. I have always loved the title to Alice Walker's book 'You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down.' It is true.

Sistahs over the last few weeks I have been keeping the company of some powerful women. I have been invited to Sistah Circles where life changing processes are the call of the day! Things are happening AND now is the time to open your mind to receive the information, resources and messages that will help you realize your visions.

Lets Walk Together in a New Light!
Sistah C
PS. Have you ever listen to Ricki Byars Beckwith's cd? I really like this one! I think she has another cd out now but this one is beautiful. I always like this picture of her. She and her husband Michael Beckwith is in Atlanta this week for their church's conference called Revelations.


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That is a great prayer...I think I will print it and post it in the bathroom...I'll say it as I brush my teeth!

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I absolutely looove that image!