Friday, July 3, 2009

Divine Love

I have been in several conversations lately about Love - Sistahs and Love...who we love, how we love, the kind of love we deserve and who deserves our love...If you read popular magazines the speak of Sistahs being doomed to being alone in live or that there are just not enough men out there...I think this was one of the main reason I stop reading certain magazines targeted towards Sistahs because they sent out this false story of shortage and lack.

I read in my prosperity book that it is not enough to simply affirm abundance into your life you must RADIATE that which you desire. The outer part is a reflection of the inner part...I feel like after a long time of inner reflection I am preparing myself for divine love AND it is not an easy job. Coming out of an abusive relationship the main thing I have had to learn again was how to trust myself - how to trust the me through my God given consciousness and intuition to choose and allow the right mate into my life. This process has required me to get real still - real silent so I can hear Spirit's voice clearly. Everyday Spirit advises me to look within - heal within and the perfect mate will recognize you and you him.

If you talk to a variety of Sistahs you will get a vast amount of philosophies on how to find the perfect mate. I say lift up your heart to Spirit and ask first what you need to do to clear the way -then surrender to peace and know it is love - divine love.


Anonymiss said...

Beautiful post sista. For some time now my thoughts have also been centered around love. Wondering where and when I should look for it or if I should just let it find me. Or if the type of love I long for even exists. I too have chosen to consult the Creator and have concluded that love is real because God is love and He is real. I try not to let the "shortage" of good black men lower my hopes of finding the right man for me because I believe that love will always find a way of finding you and the only obstacle I really have to worry about is accepting it once it comes because I know my heart is guarded and I am fearful of this unknown feeling because I don't want to love and be left. But at the same time I do believe that it is better to have loved and lost the one you love than to never have loved at all so I will do my best to welcome love when she arrives.