Saturday, July 18, 2009

Puja: Offerings of Self Love

I have been re-reading a favorite book of mine called Mastery of Love by don Miguel Ruiz (he also wrote the Four Agreements). don Miguel is so down to earth - he puts the subject of "love" in a simple, logical context so that the reader can understand the illusions that often get called love.

I decided to re-read his writing because I have been contemplating love - not necessarily "romantic" love but love of self as a way to cultivate and share love with another. I recently turned 40 and I realize that something is quieting within me - I am coming to peace with myself. I am more gentle with myself and I am more accepting of myself...I will quietly admit that I have been "courting" myself with the hopes that I find a true love that exists only inside of me.

don Miguel speaks of learning to honor and love one's self by offering Puja. Puja is a Hindu and Buddhist of making an offering to God at a shrine. don Miguel suggests that one should make offers to the self - such as flowers, good food, a bath...I remember when my son was young I would wake up an hour early in the morning and take candle lit baths wit herbal tea. I would sit in the water and meditate with a clear mind - simply happy to be present with the peace of the morning. This is Puja.

Each of us beings are a shrine - we are houses for the holy Spirit and our unique gift to the world is in our purpose. Lately, I have been releasing the things that I can not change and embracing those things I can change - it has allowed me to be grateful for the presence of Spirit in my life.

"Your life is the manifestation of your dream; it is an art. And you can change your life anytime if you aren't enjoying the dream. Dream masters create a masterpiece of life; they control the dream by making choices." - don Miguel Ruiz

Ps. Tomorrow is a solar eclipse. For many it will signal big positive changes for some it will signal sudden big changes. Take this time in stride, know that what ever occurs has been the final result a cumulative event. The eclipse is a perfect time to go deeply into prayer and other spiritual endeavors. Take care.

Sis C


Soraya said...

I love this piece..thanks for sharing it. I often wrestle with "puja" the idea of self- care and daily offering to self...I know it's about the small things I need...what I need to sustain myself as an artist, mother, wife, womyn, human being....

Anonymous said...

great page

soraya jean-Louis said...

I really needed to read/re-enforce that belief...dealing with trauma and tapping into that wonderful creative energy gifted to me...I needed this particular message to slap fear on it's ass and sing the beautiful possibilities into actualities.

Thanks sis mama!

Soraya said...
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Soraya said...

Thanks for posting this- I needed the reminder...I'm dealing with some trauma but using the beautiful process of creating that I was gifted with to heal...I needed some encouragement and support to kick fear upside it's ass. I needed to fully propel myself into singing the beautifully possibilities into existence.

Thank you Sis/Mama