Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunar Calendar Gift!

Greetings Sistahs,

I wanted to turn you all on to a lunar calendar that I been ordering for some years now from a wombyn at Snake&Snake Productions. I have mentioned in past posts that a Sistah's cycle is partnered with the moon. I remember reading somewhere that if your cycle is healthy it will follow the phases of the moon...from the waxing to full to waning. I also believe that early notions of times and dates where informed by women's cycles.

There is definitely more to learn on our lunar connection and more is to come... I currently find this calendar useful for plotting dates of my cycle - you can color in the moon for that important date. You can also just note the days that you feel powerful, a little low or just as happy as can be! Use it as YOUR TOOL!

The sizes vary that are available. the 8.5 X 11 could work for sticking in your journal or I got the 11 X 14 for placing on my altar. The price is very reasonable and I always get mine quickly. Try to get yours before the 15th of January so you can participate on some the exercises and workshops that are coming up on SistahGoddess blogspot.

Orders can be placed online or on the phone.


full size of 8.5" x 11", shows every night's lunar phase, new and full moon times, the moon's astrological sign, solstices and equinoxes, and eclipse information. Blank inside, envelopes are included with three or more cards. The card comes folded in half, so it fits into the 6" x 9" envelope. Both cards and envelopes on recycled paper. Please do not photocopy.
The times for the New and Full moons are in Eastern Standard Time (EST, -5:00 GMT)
$2.25 each for 1-2 cards, plus postage
$1.75 each for 3-11 cards, plus postage
$1.50 each for a dozen or more cards, plus postage

SEVEN special SisthGoddess readers will receive a Snake & Snake Productions Lunar Calendar just for being the GODDESSES you ARE!!! Just write a response to this post answering the following question:

What Goddess (female deity, etc...) do you connect with and why?

The top 7 answers will receive a 2010 Lunar calendar in the mail! I will let those lucky SistahGoddesses know who they are January 1st!!!

Sis. Camara


Shelly said...

I have a special relationship with Yemaya. Her waters have and continue to nurture me as I grow into the woman I was created to be. Ase!

Soraya said...

Hey mama. Love your new blog look-thank you!

I feel very connected to Oshun, I feel her motherly/sensual/warriorness spirit in me and around me. I love womyn, love pregnancy and love my call to assist in the "birthing process"...all birthing!


Sistah C said...

YES!!! Yemaya is one of my Mamas for sure...She has all of these manifestations in so many Mama Wata (although some folks say they are not the same...) She is so beautiful and powerful!
Thanks for sharing and adding me as your Friend on FB!
Sis. C

@ Soraya,
I am feeling you on Mama Oshun! When I think of beauty and power I think of her. When I need a situation "sweetened" I always call upon her with a dish of honey. I also do honey face masks when I want to appear radiant - someone always compliments me when I do this...Oshun's honey!
Thanks for your comment!
Sis. C

Sherri said...

Many Blessings,

I love your blog.

Being a Cancer sun with a Scorpio moon, Yemaya's spirit and divine energy surrounds me. From channeling my everyday creative juices to making my home a welcoming sanctuary ... I am constantly growing and changing to be the best person I can be and nurturing those around me.

One Love

Anonymous said...

I have a divine relationship with Lady Mary Magdalene as I do with her divine husband Lord Yeshua HaMashiach aka Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They are the Holy Grail and the Matrix of harmonious male and female relationships. She brings heaven on earth and she truly existed and not in fairytales. Her power and love is transcending the planet. Hallelujah! said...

I have a deep admiration for Ma'at, the Kemetic NTRU/goddess and principle of truth, justice, order, and balance.

Reflecting on the principles that she represents helps me to reevaluate my life, and to become more aware of my thoughts, speech, and behavior. I feel more spiritually connected to the Source when I aspire to transform my heart to reflect the beauty of this goddess!

CVH said...

Sistah C~

OYA has been on my side in 2009! The purple goddess as I have come to know her has assisted me greatly in bringing forth my authentic self. Peace & love!

Sistah C said...

Thanks! I am a Cancer too so I feel you with Yemaya- the moon, the water and those emotions!! Thanks for commenting!

Ohhh, Lady Mary Magdalene...I don't know much of her but I know she was probably the most powerful and devoted of the disciples...Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for bringing Ma'at. When I read your comment I felt the peace that is Ma'at. I have always thought of the story that when you die she weighs your heart against her feather...

Yes! OYA!!! You that is a straight Warrior Goddess! One time I got a message from her and change blew in right behind her! Thank you for your comment.

Sheree said...

I feel closest to Aja, the forest Goddess of the Yoruba people. Like Aja, my work is with herbs and I often custom-match herbs to the needs of my clients in preparing oils, butters and salves. My first entrepreneurial experience, at age 8, was selling flower & vegetable seeds door-to-door. By birth, I am an earth-mother, and I will grow & propagate everything I can get my hands on!