Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Showing Up To Life...

I think most the problems we encounter as humans on this planet would be solved if we got over FEAR...It seems like fear just drives people to do the most insane and unloving things and all that just causes a lot of hurt and suffering.

I can tell the times in my life where I was fearful because I am cleaning up the mess today from those fearful decisions. I can sit here and blame stuff on a whole bunch of "no-good whatmacallits" but in the end I have to be responsible. Often I would run from problems and just allow them to "solve themselves" but problems can be like little children - if someone does not guide them then Lord only knows what you gonna get AND you know who gets blamed "the Mama of the problems".

You know Sistahs today demonstrated to me that it is never too late to solve a problem or to change a situation. If you don't like something then SHOW UP and change it! Once you show up you will see the doors of the Universe just open wide in response. The sad secret is that no one is going to more motivated to fix your life than you - I don't care how much you pay them, how often you kiss them or how hard to work for them. It does not mean that people don't like to help but the MOTIVATION to CHANGE YOUR LIFE is ALL YOU!

Do you know back in the day when someone said "Go to hell!" folks would get scared cause words are power. If you are tired of being broken down, puttin' out this fire and that fire, robbing "Peter to pay Paul" then curse the drama to hell where it belongs cause it is causing you to live hell on this earth. I am not a woman that thinks there is honor is suffering -bump that! Life is for VICTORY and if you are not in an environment where the victorious can live free then you know what to do!

Today, my Ancestors told me to SHOW UP! Take action! I did and I see a way now that I never saw...

Sis. C


Soraya said...

Thanks for sharing/gifting us and "showing up" through your entries!
Showing up is vital to our development and existence . It is also about accountability..to/for ourselves and to/for others. How else can we engage in personal and collective healing?

Peace Mama..

Soraya said...
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