Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 of 40 Days of HOPE!!!!

Sistahs, the other nite I was worried - yes, me...I was watching the news and the relief efforts seemed to be slow in Haiti. People were still talking about needing food, water, and medicine. Then there is the long term needs- people are losing limbs, children have lost parents, buildings need to be resurrected...for a moment I felt overwhelmed just hearing it all and I felt helpless...Then there are moments when someone is rescued again - alive - today another 5yr old child was found today alive - he even smiled as he emerged from the rubble...Again, the words from my post last night that were channeled to me- "It's WONDERFUL to be ALIVE!" - we live, we live, we live!!!

So, in a timely fashion I was approached by International Medical Corps to post their plea for donations to provide medical services in Haiti. I looked over their site (and you should too) and I felt they had some good endorsements...Its hard because so many efforts are using Haiti to raise money (7 million raised by Red Cross via text) but my concern is just now I saw reports that supplies are just sitting at the Haitian Airport - that a doctor walked through with a hand carrier, got some medicine and took it back to the center of town. He said no one was managing the logistics at the airport...

I am not trying to pick apart a huge task that I am sure is chaotic, but something seems wrong if supplies are just sitting there or that donations sent by text will be processed 3 months from now...This situation is URGENT! So, this is my rant...I can only HOPE that Help is Getting to THE PEOPLE.

Still, we must give and continue to help our Sistahs and Brothers...I asked Ellie Brown, the representative of International Medical Corps and she said,
"92% of every dollar will go to the Haiti response. Our admin costs are low and we receive an A+ rating from American Institute of Philanthropy ( and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau."

Sistah C