Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 25 of 40 Days of UPLIFTMENT!!!

Hey Sistahs,
I was thinking today that the world would be a grey kinda place without artists. I think the Creator MUST be an artist. The colors of this world - oranges, reds, deep violet, royal purple - I mean how can Goddess not be an artist??

I am so in love with the work that is coming from SistahGoddess artists. In this last week I have seen jewelry, paintings, books, music that is blowing my mind. I try to put some this up on SistahGoddess blogspot because we got to support and continue a patronage of the arts. Art Heals - art reaches some other part of us - that preverbal genius that helps us see around a challenge and go outside the box.

When I sit down to do some art I feel like I am going into meditation. I just relax and I create. I love to see the result without ever having a plan in the beginning...it like having a baby. You don't know if its going to have a head full of hair or just be bald with cute cheeks - either way you love it cause it is of you! If you find yourself without inspiration lately or feeling in a rut then take out a sheet of paper and place your hands flat down on the paper. Rub the paper in circular motions and ask what wants to appear. Take a minute with out jumping into drawing something or writing something - just be with that blank canvas. When you are relaxed then begin. Each day you can give "birth" to your creativity.

The more I see SistahGoddesses tapping into the artist-self, I am sure the Goddess is at work in all of us!

Day25 of 40 Days of Prosperity

I am feeling this 40 days has really been showing me how I give and distribute my energy. I was feeling like I was always rushing only to find myself drained and in need of long bouts of rest. I got that I needed to slow down the pace and relax...let myself be.

25. Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.

Let go of the limitation that money is your only source...let go of the limitation that someone or some condition is the only source of your supply...it's not true. You are the Source, your understanding our your God/Goddess Self IS your supply.


Soraya said...

Awesome. another great post. I was called to sub an after school art class yesterday- I'm not an art teacher by trade but have used the art's in organizing and healing work. It felt really good to interact with young folks on a artistic level.

This post reminds me of how I used to wake up early and scribe or work on a piece..I need to get back to what felt good!

Thanks mama Art is Healing.