Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LoVe...A Serious Issue

SiStahs! I incubate from time to time...My 40 Day Portrait of Intimate Change took me to the place of LOVE. I have been shown over and over again that Love is the piece that will complete the Circle.

You know I am SERIOUS about the healing of this planet! I am tired of folks being hurt or trying to hurt others for a fleeting moment of revenge, greed or perverted pleasure. I am done with meanness and coldness...What happened to the Love? It's there but some folks want to kick up dust to make us believe there ain't a drop of it on the earth AND we know the Creator does not go out like that!

SiSTARS, LOVE is a tough topic cause many of us think it is about looking for something outside of ourselves - a boyfriend, a mate or a husband. Relationships are beautiful and wonderful but those are the outcome of practicing LOVE - they are not the thing. LOVE is an energy, a light that starts from within - it is complete satisfaction with all aspects of yourself - even those "hard to reach" places.

Self awareness and self acceptance is a deep practice. With so much out there that says you are imperfect you have to fight to stay in your loving mind. I realized for most of my life my relationships have out pictured the amount of self love I had within...It was a hard pill to swallow to know that I got exactly what I expected. When a Sistah has low self worth she sometimes attract situations where she is considered worthless or "less than". She freely gives away her creativity, her intuition and ultimately her happiness because she believe someone else knows better. The funny part is that as the Sistah steps into her Goddess self (her rightful position)and begins to heal her feelings of worthlessness a earthquake happens!!! Her relationships shift on shaky ground -some people can't believe, won't believe she is claiming her Goddess Self and others are just plain mad cause they sense they lost some sort of claim of her...When this happens the SistahGoddess is not alarmed because she knows that REALITY - her CREATOR GIVE REALITY is setting in and healing all aspects of her life! She is a FREE WOMBYN!!!

I have heard it said, "You don't ask for Freedom, you take it!" SistahGoddesses, this is true - you have to Warrior Up for your Freedom but it ain't the kind of war that involves guns, fancy hand moves, knives or all that "this world" stuff...It is LOVE! Love is the feeling that comes from a healed heart. I wondered if we all worked on our hearts and healed the stuff that needs healing, if we would see a shift in our families, our community and the world?

Sistahs, I want to put a "challenge" out there...I want us to do a 40 Day LOVE HEALING HEART FEST! I like 40 because it always seems to be enough time to turn anything around. I want all the SiSTARs for 40 days to commit to working on the heart chakra and the heart muscle - lets strengthen it and heal it. Lets see what happens as a result of doing this deep LOVE work on ourselves...I venture to say MIRACLES will happen...

In the next 40 days, I am going to bring you SistahGoddesses all heart related healing information, practices, thoughts, prayers...I am going to step into my role as the "Heart Specialist" (self appointment has it advantages,LOL!). Lets work together and share our knowledge of healing. Comment and let me know how you are doing. I will still do my SistahGoddess Give-a-Ways!!

So, this Sunday is the Full MOON and I think that will be the perfect day to start. It will be a nice time to journal.

Until Sunday!!!!
Sis. Camara


Danielle said...

so happy that you are doing this and will be happy to join you on the journey. Self love and love for other being has been on my mind a lot lately. Much love to you!

SoulSunshine said...

YES!!! YES!!! This is confirmation to my spirit! I dreamt about this last night. I woke up and wrote down that I needed to do some self cleansing and that 40 days is the time frame. I'm down for the journey but I'm going to include some physical related things as well, because I'm tired of the weight issues which have cause a lot of other love related issues. I'm too excited about this.

Shelly said...

I love love LOVE you Sis!! Last night I slept with my rose quartz under my pillow. Talk about sweet dreams!!!! I look forward to joining you. LOVE, peace, protection, and healing to you always!

A Rose Colored Glass said...


Soraya said...

i'm down sis..healing has no limits and when you think your done..you probably have just begun..black womyn have so much to heal from..a life long commitment. thanks so much for all your love and sincere kindness!

Sistah C said...

Yes, we are all on this journey together. It has really been on the forefront of my mind to get to the root of the matter. I feel very excited that you are joining me!

Yes, I would like to cleanse and get into some physical for real - I have to start moving again.
Glad you are joining us!

Isn't that Rose Quartz powerful!! I have been identifying several gemstones/crystal we are going to work with during this time. I am going to post some places online where Sistahs can purchase some crystals. HUGS and MUCH LOVE to You!!! I am glad you are joining us!

@A Rose Colored Glass,
Yes, I have a vision that when are healed the planet is healed -period! So, it is our time. It is no mistake that all these Beautiful SistahGoddesses are feelin the same thing. We GOT This!

I am happy you are joining us Sis! I feel like every time I look up there is something I could be working on...it is a constant journey until the planet is healed and we are all happy and at peace. So, we are taking that step to nurture our first love - love of self! Exciting!

I just love that we are doing this!!! I know for myself I have some goals and to me Success is Love! I want us to share what we know so keep the comments coming as we get started. HAPPY 40 DAY LOVE FEST!!!!
Sis C

creativehealinggoddess said...

Oh my god I was thinking about two pictures of love i created last month, (haven't posted them cause i need to connect with the heart). Btw loved your heart meditation.

I am gonna work with you I was gonna do my 40 day intuition challenge but maybe I will do this first.

Hey maybe you can do a (mister linky) link so we can all post on each other's pages for support.

Ohh! I am gonna create some love journals....I will pm you the information on Mr Linky.

Sistah C said...

Hugs @ Marilyn,
I am SO glad you are going to do this 40 day journey with us!!! Very exciting! I want us all to learn and heal together from each other... Did you send me the Mister Linky?? I will check my email.
YES, lets all see if we can connect to this in some way to keep the sharing happening...
Sis. C

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.