Saturday, February 13, 2010

Summary of the 40 Days of Intimate Change...

“Mami Wata,” 1999, by Moyo Ogundipe

“Mami Wata,” 1999, by Moyo Ogundipe

Hey SisTaRs!!!
The work week wiz'd by and I realize that I was at the conclusion of my 40 Days!!! It was a tender space in time. I started off fasting then I went to a living food practice and ended with my vegan diet. I also realized in this time that I am easily influenced by my environment and the energy of those around me...I recommitted to meditation and prayer twice a day - and it has proven to be my medicine when all else gets chaotic and my surrounding are not so optimal.

BEAUTIFUL things took place over these 40 days...I started writing on this blog again, I met some powerful artist - creative SistahGoddesses that don't mind sharing their love of art and their talents. I started Goddess Give-a-Ways!!! Which reminds me that I don't think I have any submissions yet for the Lunaversoul GIVE-A-WAY??!!! You get a beautiful pair of earrings just by going to Lunaversoul and picking a piece that inspires the Goddess in You! I am extending the GIVE-A-WAY over this holiday weekend. Sistah's don't let this work of art get away!

I think the biggest revelation I had was to RECOMMIT to be the HEALER and ARTIST I AM! I think for the last three years I had been so focused on survival and the immediate safety of my son and I that I did not feel that I could be a healer with so many "problems". I didn't realize how much confidence I had lost...What came to me is that the healer does on occasion need to take time off but that often doing the work IS the healing. So...I am continuing on the journey of purpose - this time stronger, more confident and mega creative!!! I will
be sharing more about my "ministry" as it unfolds...I am doing some additional self study and preparation.

I want to thank the many Sistahs that have shared with me and joined me on Facebook. Connecting with like minded Sistah's is a blessing. We must continue to uplift each other - nothing is going to change on this planet until WE HEAL - AND WE ARE DOING THIS!!!

Please check out Lunaversoul and comment here for the GIVE-A-WAY!!!

"What Lunaversoul piece brings out the Goddess in you?"

SIS. Camara


Danielle said...

that neckless in the above picture is divine and the earring wow.

Soraya said...

hey big sis- happy 40 days..what a wonderful journey it's been. i want to thank you for creating this space and being so lovely and inspiring...your wisdom, patience, honesty and sister-love has been so healing!