Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DAY 3: LOVE FLASHES and Bath Time Rituals...

Vintage pic of Maori SistahGoddess

Wow!!! It is only day 3 and I am feelin' the HIGH VIBRATION of LOVE!!! You know how some folks have hot flashes? Well, I was sittin' at my desk at work and a co-worker came by and said, "Good Morning! How are you?!!!" I then recognized that he is always so nice- so happy -smiling. It broke a wall I had about work - being grumpy cause at work you suppose to want to be somewhere else- right?? I realized that there are some people who can be happy no matter where they are...Why? Because they are grateful for their life. They are happy they woke up, healthy and able to smile - able to speak to someone and wish them well. I was sitting at work and a wave of love came over was a LOVE FLASH! Gratitude manifests loves - it vibrates everywhere and all you have to be is open to it...

A Story of HEALING...

I don't really watch tv unless I am on a business trip, so last week I turned on the tv in the hotel room and I was watching a show called the Half Ton Mom...It was a show about "morbidly" (such a solemn word...)overweight people who are trapped in their homes because they are unable to move...At first I went to turn the station cause I hate to see people exploited just entertain folks watching tv but something said to watch it...A young woman who was 29 years old was the "fattest" woman in the world. She was bed-ridden and needed assistance for even the smallest tasks. She had two young daughters who absolutely LOVED her!!! Her one daughter said, "people make fun of my mother but they don't know her..."

This young SistahGoddess decided after four years of being confined to a bed that she was going to undergo surgery to help her condition. The doctors told her it may be risky because her heart was very weak but she insisted because she was driven to live a normal life with her children AND she wanted to help other people who where in the same situation. She said it came to her that she could encourage other people to get help - if she took the first step and endured public scrutiny. It took a team of 8 firemen to remove her from her home.

At the hospital she invited the press to cover her story. She had the surgery and came through the procedure but on the second day her heart gave out and she transitioned. This was very sad - every inch of the way I was rooting for her cause she was a WARRIOR Goddess. After years of never leaving her home and I am sure years of judgment against her - something deep inside decided to fight - to heal. Do you know that several people who were trapped inside their homes because of the same condition decided to get help because they saw her story on tv...She did fulfill her purpose.

Healing Bath Recipes...

Water heals. You know I am surprised when I hear people say they don't take baths. I mean a shower is just for getting clean but a bath is about the womb. I remember when my son was a toddler and I was an overworked young mother, I would get up early before he woke and make a candle-lit bath. I would make some herbal tea and sit in my morning bath and collect my thoughts and energy for the day. This simple ritual allowed me to stay balanced and present. I still regard a bath as my time to relax and renew...

Deep Cleansing Bath (heals negative experiences-should be done at bedtime only)

This recipe was given to me from a Spiritualist named Martha...
Take one box of baking soda and an equal amount of dead sea salt. Draw a warm to hot bath add the soda and salt. Rest in this bath for about 20 minutes. Don't sit much longer than 20 minutes. Go directly to bed. You will rest very well. If you really want to ensure some rest. Drink a cup of Yogi brand bedtime tea right after your bath. This tea WORKS! Take rest.

Muscle Relief

Place a half cup of bay leaves in a pint of boiled water and steep for 20 minutes. Pour the liquid into a full warm bath and sit in tub for 15 minutes.

"Easy your Busy Mind" Bath

In a cheese cloth add a teaspoon of rosemary, basil, dill, mint, thyme, sage and chamomile. Suspend the bag under the tap while running your bath.

"Clear off the Day" Bath

Run a warm water bath and add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil and some dead sea salts.

You can also just add your favorite essential oil and/or salts to a bath. Experiment.

Here is your "HOME" Work for the week...
Get up early and take a candle-lit bath before starting your day. Turn off the light and just relax in the warm womb-like waters of the Goddess...Relax and allow your eyes to follow the dance of the flame...
Comment and tell us how this change in routine changed your day?


Soraya said...

i also saw that show a while ago and it made me tremble with sadness and then gratitude. we are all healing from something..and while i have "issues" with my body sometimes- i'm so blessed to see everyday in this special shell. we have so much to be thankful is a an amazing blessing!

looking forward to starting my baths..

#2 haiku

scared womb of love
bathing us with waters clean
move spirits in us

thanks for sharing my work means so much to me!

creativehealinggoddess said...

Beautiful film Soraya and beautiful artwork too.

I had a great early morning bath today thank you Sista Goddess Camara for such richness.

Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing. I've always loved baths! Before Malachi was born I enjoyed baths by candle light all the time. Now...not so much. I like the idea of doing a bath ritual early in the morning. Not only will I be forced to wake up earlier, but it will set the tone for a peaceful day.

Sistah C said...

Very Beautiful Haiku!!! I love that you are sharin your work! I feel very blessed! Thank you!
@Marilyn and Shelly,
I am going to take a bath tonite AND in the morning LOL!!! If I could work in a bath tub I would...
Thanks for continuing to share - I so appreciate you all!!
Sis. Camara

ayida honor said...

Sis hey Palmrosa and lemongrass with coconut oil and ylang ylang are my favs I used ot make a body spray when I worked at a bay area store called Bodytime, you have probably heard of it! THank you for reminding me of that importance

Soraya said...

Thanks sistah's- i decided that for part of my process i would write some lines everyday.. my creative self is a muscle that needs to be worked out and flexed regularly. sometimes spirit moves me to create some visual pieces, cook a delicious meal, write or just fantasize about something wonderful. it helps me to stay in that space and flex those muscles, challenge myself and facilitating growth.

i assigned myself the responsibility of writing 30 haiku's to celebrate our process, womyns herstory month and creativity! Ashe.