Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Eritrean Warrior Goddesses


Sistahs!!! This LOVE FEST time is auspicious - I was reminded that this month is Wombyn's Her-story Month! What better time to honor our Goddess within! We ALL came from a woman so we can all honor that powerful energy of the feminine. The Earth, the womb in which we live, IS our MOTHER,too! When you think of her that way, you are less apt to create waste, you desire to re-cycle and re-use...We have an urge to be in her arms - walking in nature, appreciating her children. Sistahs, I just LOVE being a wombyn - I love being a the WOMAN I AM! I give thanks for image from which I am made - from which we are all made...

How are you all doing on this LOVE FEST? I got to say again - I AM OVERFLOWING!!! I am so in the moment of healing vibration - that I am full! Yesterday, the contribution of Sistahs giving, nourishing us with their words, their art, their thoughts...I feel lucky to have found you all...I am grateful that the Goddess/God united us...So, lets continue on - moving forward strong! If you have not shared, join us - send us your hello - you know what???!!! I am going to do an OLD SCHOOL ROLL CALL!!! HaHa!!! At the end of this post - if you are feelin' the vibe - just say your here. If you want to comment on more, please do - otherwise just send a "hug" or send a "XOXO". You will see that you will be hit back with a LOVE FLASH!!!

Ok SiSTARS, we got us some HOMEwork- a morning bath ritual. Now I want to talk a bit about anointment. You have heard as some Spiritual figures as being "anointed" meaning purified and sanctified. Anointment is a sacred practice of cleansing just like a bath...You can use water (holy water), essential oils, oil, salves, etc... I remember going to a workshop and a woman explained how she made a personal oil that helped her to stay balanced and feel protected when traveling from environment to environment. I remembered this and decided that I was going to make an personal oil for the purposes of anointment during my meditation and prayer. I must tell you that it has added to my practice - something about scent that stimulates our senses and sets the tone for our intention.

Since I am a Water SistahGoddess, I made an oil that is balancing for the water element - a blend of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Palmrosa. You can use any resource and just find the Spiritual attribute of various essential oils then figure out what oils blend well together. Email me if you have any questions,

To personalize an oil you will need:
a small piece of parchment or brown paper bag paper
a pen
optional, herbs

To make the personalized oil:

Take a small piece of paper (small enough to fold to put into the bottle). On one side of the paper write:
Your full birth name and any other name you are currently using
Your birth date, time and where you were born
The name of your parents
Your address
and any other information that identifies you uniquely.
on the other side write an affirmation, ie. "I AM, THAT I AM!" You can put what ever fits and you desire - that fits for you! This is YOUR personal oil.

Once you are finished with the paper, roll it or fold it small. Place it in your small glass bottle. Add any herbs that you feel could strengthen the vibration of the oil. You can also research the Spiritual attributes of herbs. Be aware that some herbs have cautions because of their strength so just do the research.

Next, add your oil(s). You can use olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil as a base and just add a few drops of the essential oil(s). Most essential oils are very strong so you should not use them directly on the skin, it is best to dilute.

Now, you have a personal anointing oil, that can be used on the chakra points before prayer and meditation. You can also wear this oil during the day to keep you balanced and protected. Pray over this oil, infuse it with your energy so that its scent is known as you. Mark your 'territory' with it - scent can communicate that this area is sacred.

If you are looking for some nice blended essential oils, I just purchased some from ebay at the www.Essential Trading Their oils seem to be good quality and very affordable. There are more expensive oils at Whole Foods but for this purpose I feel the ebay source is just fine.

If you don't want to use oils you can make your own Holy Wata. You can do this a few ways...
1. Collect some rain water or some river water. Filter it if you want. Bless it and use it to anointed yourself and places deem sacred by you...
2. You can use any water source. Sage it. Pray over it.

by Earth Angel by Alix Beaujour

The source of POWER IS YOU(a vessel for Goddess/God). I will discuss this in upcoming features as we go over hands on healing - you have all the power needed to heal yourself and anything. When you lay your hand on anything in a consciously prayerful, faithful way then it IS healed, it IS cleansed. Part of claiming your Ancient Goddess past is the declaration of your power. You can practice any religion you want to - I know powerful Christian healers, powerful Buddhist healers, powerful Kemetic Healers, powerful Muslim healers, powerful Traditionalists...what they all have in common is unwavering faith. Healing the Heart takes unwavering faith - a strong belief that LOVE WILL SAVE US ALL. There is so much in the world to try to convince you that LOVE is gone - don't believe it.

Let's Pray...

Giving thanks and calling in the Creator/God/Goddess/Father/Mother
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Ancestors who sit at the feet of the Creator
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Spirit Guides who work directly with the Creator for our best and most high benefit
We are Grateful for this day...
this day has shown us how strong we are...
how powerful we are...
for we are made your image Spirit...
we accept our divinity,
we accept our prosperous inheritance as walking, living Shrines to your Greatness!!!
We are on this path of healing because we know there is no other work...
We know that it is the agreement we made not only with you dear Creator but between ourselves before we were born into this world to be of SERVICE - to be the HEALERS -the anointed ones who will bring forth the balm of LOVE...
use us as your vessel,
use us as the force for change...
we are not afraid to walk this blessed path...
Ashe', Ashe', Ashe'O

Some musical inquiry...

HUGS SISTARS!!! Day 4 and Day 5 the body, the mind and body realize we ARE doing this thang! Keep sharing your stories here and in your journals. Each day I am like an onion with my layers peeling back to reveal the fruit.

We continue to journal,anoint, meditate, pray and bathe...patiently, kindly, full of LOVE...

Peace and Light,
Sis. Camara


Shelly said...

Sending Love and Light from Louisiana to all my SiSTARS!!!! Let's show the world what love and healing are all about! WE GOT THIS!!! Peace, love, protection and healing to you all.


creativehealinggoddess said...

Love this and love the person oil receipie. I make a lot of oils and this gives me something new to do.

A great show well done so much great information.... I need to listen again as it was late so I am gonna put it on my mp3.

Soraya said...

Ashe, Ashe, Ashe,

beautiful images and awesome guidance/instructions. i think i'm going to play with some oil bases and essential oils i already have.

i have to say that i feel something amazing brewing and growing..besides my expanding prego belly. it might be a sense of calm and peace i feel or a combination of things that i sense ( water babies have a heightened sense of self and their environment..not to mention the connection/s we feel to our ancestor's. this does not mean that non-water babies don't have the same connectedness. today i had a strong desire to commune with nature and give praise ..a simple walk or sitting on my stoop will's a beautiful day. i wish you all love and an open heart!

haiku #3

sweet goddess's love
love is the fuel of my soul
my heart is open

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...

I also make oils and use scents to stimulate me and anoint me! As far as incense, the best kind is Fred Soll's Sage, it is baked in the sun and absolutely divine! I also love the gorgeous photographs of the Eritrean women!