Saturday, March 6, 2010


For seven straight days we have been in the realm of LOVE!!! If you are feeling like me, you are FULL, overflowing...I notice that as the days go on it is easier, even effortless to be kind and loving to everyone I encounter - even folks who aren't trying to be so loving - it is like I don't even skip a beat. I really give thanks for the practice of Maat - those 42 Laws seem to reach the inner core and ask the deep questions around loving honesty.

I have had a long work week and I am ready for some much needed rest. I will turn in early tonite with the hopes of working creatively for the rest of the weekend. I encourage you Sistahs to take loving time for yourselves...sleep in, take rest or take a day of silence. I sometimes drive to the bay, sit at the park and draw pictures. Working with the heart chakra is work. Yes, we have good feeling but there are also the aspect of heart healing that can be heavy - so, take it easy. Be patient with yourself as you heal.

Be Well.
Sis. Camara


Misspretty* said...

I love this !!!It is so true.

Shelly said...

I'm resting in LOVE!!! Love and Light to all my SiSTARS!!!! Let the healing continue. WE got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soraya said...

i'm resting and dealing with an horrible cold..i needed a day not to do nothing but sleep, sip on tea and be still. thanks for all your love!

haiku # 6

i am a womyn
healing goddess of all things
i will heal my heart