Monday, March 8, 2010

DAY 9: International Women's Day 2010, LOVE of Sistahood!


Today, people around the world honored women for International Women's Day. It is funny how in the US this is not that big of holiday - in fact few people know of it and it has taken place since 1911. In other countries there are huge celebrations and people even have the day off. I think of all the women past and present who have influenced me and give them recognition for forging a path where there was none...

Harriet Tubman

Fannie Lou Hammer

Wangari Maathai (part 2)

part 3

part 4

SiSTARS, please email me with your tributes to SistahGoddesses that have uplifted can include video links, audio links, photos, etc...

Our LOVE is in honoring our Sistahood!

Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

My grandma's inspired me! They are both ancestors now.

My great Aunt Magellan has inspired me. I never met her she died very young of TB. During those days (early 1900's) people were sent to insane asylums for this. She was very much clear of mind and heart. She was essentially left to rot and die there. But she did not let this get her down, she was an accomplished pianist, writer & she loved the singing of her yellow cannary. She was awarded a medal for her writings from the mayor of JC, NJ before her death. She was kept a secret from the family until my grandmother on her death bed asked about her sister Magellan and my father was like, "Who?" My father quickly asked my grandmother's older brother who was this Magellan? It was then she was revealed to the family. I felt so close to Magellan once I learned of her and her story. Something in my heart felt so very close to her. I now have occasionally visits from here. And on my graduation day from journalism school my father presented me with Magellan's silver metal the mayor gave to her. This is one of my most precious things I have in my possession. I love you Auntie!

Also gratitude to Mbali Creazzo, Ammachi, Lynn Marie Lumiere, Nina Simone, Harriet Tubman, Winnie Mandela, Rosa Parks...and the lists goes on!
deep love,

Sankhara Makare

Sistah C said...

Beautiful!! Yes, I too heard stories of family members who were "put away" for because of a disability. You Auntie did not let her Spirit be powerful and brilliant! Thank you for sharing!!!
Sis. Camara

Soraya said...

Ashe. i celebrate my ancestors. i honor their beauty, strength and resilience. i celebrate womyness.

haiku #7

sistah my sistah
you are the womyn i am
shine in your beauty