Tuesday, March 9, 2010


artist unknown to me...

Sistahs, I have a morning ritual that goes along with my meditation, prayer and anointment - reading what is on the minds of my Facebook Friends. Some people may laugh at this but my Friends have some DEEP stuff on their minds at 6am in the morning. It is so uplifting to know there is a world out there of people thinking about wholeness and an occasional song from the seventies, lol. SistahGoddess Opal Palmer Adisa gave me permission to post her quote:

Opal Palmer Adisa
If you want the truth known about you, you must become the storyteller and director. Don't hide behind a false sense of modesty. Just image if Joseph Gayetty, the inventor of modern toilet-paper, kept that knowledge all to himself. Stop allowing others to tell your story.

This rang so true to me...Yesterday, Sistah Talibah said on Marilyn's blog, "Most people create hellish lives for themselves but, I understood early in my life that I had the power to create a heavenly life right here on earth." So, true!!!

You know Sistahs, I started to write a completely different post yesterday - it was going to be about the Zen of LOVE. Spirit keeps reminding me that we are Co-Creators of our lives. We have the power to wake up and declare the Greatness of the day. Years ago I went to see Les Brown speak and he said something that always stuck with me, "You can re-write the story of your life! If you don't like the way something is looking then re-write it!"

Oh, I am about to get old school church on you but I believe someone reading this blog is suffering... You think that this person has control over your life but it isn't true...You have the power to change any situation you are in for the better. Yes, some discomfort may take place but believe me, FREEDOM is like Oshun's Honey - no one can resist it! With the first step doors of opportunity will fly open to assist you!

Don't let other people tell your story - you are the Creatrix - the Alchemist of your life. You are constantly tapping into that Ancient code that informs all of your actions and all of your purpose. There was a time when I had very little self esteem and I would believe anyone who said I was not good enough or that I just didn't have what it took to do this or that...I can't tell you how many times I gave up on small dreams because I believed someone's story of me...I remember someone told me I should stop writing this blog...For a moment I thought they could be right...what do I have to say...but a SiSTAR wrote me a note and said thank you for this blog...I re-remembered the why of what I do...to uplift us. There is no place else for us to go except to the STARS cause we are all BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL GODDESSES with the Galaxies at our feet!

a little music...remember the Young Disciples??

Sistahs, in your journal take a moment and rewrite a part of your life that you want to see different...If you are up for it...share with us what this process felt like...

Sis. Camara


Marilyn said...

Wow that old skool stuff is sooo true...I didn't want tell somebody that I no longer wanted to do a contract. But I realised that I was trying to put the responsiblility ouside myself. Although I honour the Toltec wisdom to be inpecable with my word, I also honour the bill of Rights and that is to have the right to change my mind.

A great post again.

Soraya said...

awesome. i love this post. it's a gentle reminder to take care of ourselves..don't feel guilty about enforcing our boundaries and to respect that of others.

even in this icky state i'm currently in - i feel real peace and oneness with my process..i feel good in the non-physical sense..lol. my imagination is wild with vision and imma see about laying some seeds down! Ashe.

haiku #8

today is anew
a chance to rediscover

Sistah C said...

It is funny how we can get tied up in doing something we really don't want to do...It seems like I use to go through some agonizing efforts to please everyone and then after so much - I just say that's it - no more! Yes, we got a Bill of Rights - to live our life!

Yes, it is about the balance and respecting other's boundries...I do hope you feel better soon! I LUV these haikus!!!!!

Sis. Camara