Tuesday, March 23, 2010


artist, Clifford Phillips

artist, Clifford Phillips

I started taking walks the other day. The sun is shining and the air is warm and I really appreciate how nature guides us in these cycles. Just when I thought could not deal with anymore rain the Spring Equinox happens and the sun appears! I can feel how the mood of everyone shifts.

Being in this LoVe FeSt - I have this moment where I stop and really appreciate what IS. I realize I have a Beautiful and Caring Son who really likes being around me. Yes, we have our moments but our household is peaceful and loving. I live in a very quiet neighborhood which is surprising because so many people live in my complex. My little hood has wild turkeys and Canadian geese (who are just too funny with their territorial ways...). When I was walking the other day I saw a turkey hawk fly over me with dinner for her little babies. I am sooo thankful that the Creator led me to this place.

I say all of this to express how much Gratitude I am cultivating in this process. The rose quartz is really helping me to see how I can be more compassionate. I still see people's stuff and my own stuff - but the tongue is softer, the eyes are more gentle - it's like I see that we all go through stuff - its just the way it is AND eventually we heal or we don't...

I am GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU SISTAHS! You all are a healing light!
I appreciate you and thank the Goddess/Mother/Father/God for you!

Sistah Camara

This video is to SHOW YOU that IT IS ALL IN THE MIND...We can do and be who ever we WANT to be. We all have a unique, beautiful talent and service to bring to humanity...


sista g said...

Wow, this is such a beautiful post. Have you ever written any books? Because I'd gladly read them along with your blog. The way you write... your voice just comes out the words and it's a nice, melody of love. Are there any books you'd recommend to someone who's really interested in learning more about goddess, or how to really love?

Sistah C said...

Hey Sista G,
I saw your message this morning and I was like YES!!! I just got the message in my meditations that I should consider writing a book and you sent me a confirmation of this fact.
I have some books on the left side of this blog I recommend and really I have way more I could recommend. What do you like to read?
You can email me at sistahgoddess@gmail.com
Sis. Camara