Sunday, March 21, 2010

DAYS 20 &21: LoVe of FREEDOM!

I had a recent experience that unfortunately confirms that our work still is in front of us. When I feel overwhelmed or feel a bit down - which is ALWAYS temporary - I look to women all over the world who are doing so much with less. These women are paving a new way where there is none. They are stopping wars, building new communities, ending the needless suffering of our little ones.

My own personal work is calling me more and more...I am motivated by the LOVE of Freedom and the LOVE us ALL. We all have a divine right to live life to the fullest. Lets keep moving forward to break the chains of illusion.

First clip:
This is the trailer for a documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell. I have not seen it yet but plan to soon. Please see the second interview that inspired me very deeply....


video clip, "fighting for peace..."

Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Just simply thankyou.