Thursday, April 1, 2010

DAYS 30&31 LoVe FeSt: Love and Foolishness

I suspect so many people stop loving out of feeling like a Fool they had a 'bad' experience with love. Plenty of times I have been in situations where later I was like "damn! I was such a fool!" I would just feel so ashamed and wonder how I could not see it coming AND I still got up - dusted myself off and kept going. This is the story of the Fool.

The Fool is not actually a stupid or clueless person, in fact the Fool is the most enlightened. Where some people would cut-off learning after a bad experience, the Fool keeps experience coming towards her. She trusts and she trusts again, each time she learns a little bit more about herself and the path in front of her opens up to new adventures.

Sistahs, observe the Fool in she in there engaging in new experiences or is she wounded and sitting off to the side feeling ashamed? The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck and I think this is because we all need to be open to experience to begin the journey. Yes, we will learn from experiences and need not repeat certain experiences but we also welcome new, beautiful, powerful experiences.

Sis Camara