Friday, April 2, 2010

DAY 32: LoVe FeSt Forgiveness Fire

artist, Francis Amoah>artist, Francis Amoah

Ummm, Sistahs we have 8 more days of this 40 day LOVE FEST...And I am checking-in...
How has this journey been for you? For me it has been like a gentle flower unfolding. I think working with the Rose quartz and now combined with the Smoky Quartz there has been a gentle reflection back to me on where some of the blockage was coming from.

This morning I had a strange dream but I realized later that it was a gentle probe of the past by the Spirit World. The memories where not pleasant but this time I was able to just watch them and see how far I have come. I realized I am a woman who has had a lot of experiences - I have lived my life and continue to live my life. Each day I am excited by my journey and the newness of the day. I am curious to see what Spirit will cross my path and what will I learn from that interaction.

This morning at my altar, the Ancestors were already there...They saw the dream and they wanted me to know that I was ready to access deeper truths. It was revealed to me that all of the suffering of the past was burning away in a gentle blue flame -cool. I would begin to feel more and more new as I stepped into this process and it came to me that it was forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a tricky word - cause I use to think it was about saying, "...that's alright or forget about it..." Um, I think forgiveness is more about seeing that the root of suffering grows very deep for people. Seeing deeper into unloving acts
I realize most of the time people are trying to protect themselves - inside they are frightened and fear leads many to self destruction. Forgiveness is knowing that the illusions are simply just that - no person, no place, no condition has power over me, nor does it have power of you. This is the ultimate truth.

Sis. Camara


Soraya said...

hey mama- i have been so busy with work and so tired that i have been missing my sistah goddess life. i really appreciate this process and this love fest has been so good for me- it has allowed so many blessings to flood my life..blessings that might have been present all along.

this is a beautiful post- fear is so paralyzing and may not be able to change the conditions in your life but you can control what and how you think and process trauma. our minds are powerful- we waste so much energy believing in the negative and not excepting the positive.


i am love and light
we are a strong willed people
i am filled with joy