Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Mother: Growing the Learning Circle

Hey Sistahs! I have been listening to blogtalk again and LUV'ing the wisdom teachings that I am receiving. I have decided to continue my education in the realm of the Goddess. I want to know even more about my beautiful Great Mother. I have decided to stop getting myself in debt and uplifting so called educational institutions that really do not teach the truth or the wholeness of truth. For years I have home-schooled my child either full time or part time for all of his life and now I think I am ready to claim such a educational path for myself. The upper roads of knowledge are available to us all. I believe we can share our wisdom to re-remember and heal to our rightful place in society.

Information is interesting - there is great information, good information and bad information. I think a good student of life is open to all teachings and is able use her intuition - inner self- to decide what is worth taking in as knowledge that will lead to wisdom. I like learning from my peers - I think this is why I like being in conversation with Sistahs - I feel so much gratitude when we share our wisdom.

Sistahs, tonite I realize that we are the ones that could stop the cycle of abuse and disrespect to Wombyn. Many of you responded in private to my last post AND I thank you. Right after I wrote that post I sat on it and did not publish it - then I got a message to post. I realize that we all at some point have had to feel around in the dark - to find our way to freedom - to find a way to heal and honor ourselves as Divine. It is time that we share what we know - we are a wealth of wisdom - I saw that in the 40-day Love Fest.

Sistahs, this blog is and will continue to be a place for our wisdom, our learning, our sharing our laughter and our love.

Thank you for your continued upliftment!

PS. Please check out The Woman is the First Teacher on Black Wombniverse. The man they feature on the clips had asked to be my FB friend and I did not even check him out!! Wow, after I heard his comments I was in shock - I was wondering why I even had this person in my realm!! Needless to say he has been deleted.

Thanks to the Sistahs for mentioning this poem in the show...Before the Men Came, Pearl Cleage

Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

Breath of fresh air is your blog...and your playlist. I love this post because it resonates with a similar feeling that I've been having about homeschooling myself. I put so much thought into homeschooling my daughter, and one day I found myself wondering why the heck I wasn't do the same for myself vs. putting so much effort into getting into the educational system if I didn't want my daughter there. Thanks for sharing. I also have to say that I appreciate your playlist.
Blessings and Joy,
D. Adilifu

Sistah C said...

@D.Adilifu Sabur,
Thanks so much! I think we have look at higher education institutions as businesses not necessarily environments for new thought and new research. I personally want to know more about ME - the wombyn I came from the Spiritual practices kept traditionally by women, arts, midwifery, herbs, her-story - I don't think I could find a degree program that is flexible and truthful enough for me to explore all these topics in the way I want to research and learn...
Everything is shifting...I know for the better.
I am very happy you enjoy the music.
Sis. Camara

Soraya said...

love it..we are all works in progress..i'm loving the process, the challenges are tools for an ever growing spirit!