Friday, April 30, 2010

Wombyn Studies Launches!!!

Greetings Sistahs,
I woke up the other day and the Great Mother was sitting with me. She has this way of making suggestions while I am meditating and before I know it I am following her lead. For some time now I had been thinking of my own personal education - I have been here and there searching for knowledge - it was like I had this invisible drive to find something...

I realize from the beginning I was a different child - so different that it cause waves with my relationship with my mother. She was always saying, "why do you have to be so different?" I fell into a relationship with her where I was always trying to "tone it down" to fit in but in the end my wildwombyn self would just bust out! I have put myself in a lot of predicaments because people wanted me to be this little sweet obedient gurl AND my Spirit was not even trying to have it - you see I am a POWERFUL and VERY FREE WOMBYN - it is in my blood. It is like the Alice Walker title, 'You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down'.

Now with an even greater taste of Freedom on my tongue - I followed the direction of Spirit and spent the last three days creating a sacred space - a space for SistahGoddesses to contribute to and learn more about the Divine Feminine. The hope is that we come together in openness AND that we make the information accessible to every Sistah who needs it. I know some people make their living from their scholarship and this is not to negate that but I feel that the time has come to open the gates of wisdom so that we can usher in a new day.

I hope all SistahGoddesses will join and contribute to Wombyn Studies. This is just phase 1 of the site so more is to come...Check it out and become a member

I appreciate your support and wisdom!

For Brothas who wish to know more about the Divine Feminine and how she is informing your life (cause she is...) you can check out Bro. Majadi Baruti at the Rooftop Garden and

Sis. Camara