Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Sistahs! I want to say thank you for the beautiful response I have got for the Wombyn Studies site. I am happy to see and hear from powerful Sistahs who see the value in us coming together to study, share and uplift the Divine Feminine.

I wanted to re-post a kind of mission statement I made in regards to Wombyn Studies.

Wombyn Studies mission is to provide Sistahs with a Sacred and Free place to share and participate in the study of our Divine Feminine for the sole purpose of our healing and upliftment. This space is reserved for Wombyn only so that we can feel free to discuss and learn in an open environment.

I don't think I could accurately define what Wombyn Studies will transition into because it is meant to forge new ground while giving reverence and honor to where we all come from - the Womb. The primary focus of this space is learning, practicing and honoring who WE ARE! The vibration is positive and wombyn centered - so the assumption is that there is no need for a debate on whether the Divine Feminine is worthy of our time, study and practice. I ask that we all use the practice of Maat in our interactions with each other -honesty is valued as is respect.

My personal philosophy is that we all have something GREAT to contribute to the healing of our world - no one is above or below - we are constantly learning, expanding and in transition - this is the nature of who we are...My hope is that Sistahs will take this space as an opportunity to share their Wisdom - this is our "school" of higher learning.

Some thoughts (not at all in the order of importance):
*We have the Divine Right to live as Free Beings in every aspect of our lives.
*Many of our stories are untold, re-written and/or suppressed.
*We are the experts on our own lives.
*Until Wombyn are restored to their rightful Divine place of reverence, global healing and peace will not take place.
*Our intuition is informed by our Wombs/Vulvas/Vaginas.
*Our dreams, thoughts, feelings, deja vu, stories, her-stories are critical and essential to our research.
*We are individuals responsible for our own feelings, happiness and learning - our choices are based on who we are, what we have experienced and how we want to live.
*We are worthy of love, respect, prosperity, truth and joy!

More to come...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

It is going to be very exciting to see where Wombyn Studies goes. I truly believe that it is a unique opportunity for Wombyn to take the lead on the scholarship and worship of the Divine Feminine. So much work has already been done and IS being done to restore the Great Mother back to her rightful place - a place where the Creator is not only thought of as the Father, a place where Wombyn and their Divine Gifts are honored, respected and revered.

Sis Camara