Thursday, June 17, 2010

Controlling Your Own Destiny...

Sistahs, for a woman it is important to fine tune your hearing to your intuition - the small voice inside. There are many people who are gifted with all types of insight however they are not ever really equipped to give you 100 percent accuracy because you are the direct link to your destiny. If you are told that outcome A, B and C will happen in your life and you disdain the thought of outcome C then you change it - immediately!

I am convinced that the human soul lives on several different energy planes at one time. We have many realities taking place at one time - a waking life (fire), a walking life (earth), a flying life (air) and a swimming life (water). In every element our lives are seeking to balance - coming together in just the right way so we can be at peace. When an element becomes too dominant then our lives out picture in a particular way...too much air and we are not grounded; too much water and we can feel depressed/moody; too much fire and we are angry/impatient; and too much earth we are too rigid/uncompromising...

If we look to nature then we see how the delicate balance works AND we also see when it does not work. Humans interfere a lot with nature because they too are a part of it. The biggest environmental problem the earth faces is the disconnection that humans have with the rest of nature - people do not think of themselves as just another element on the earth...Two weeks ago I kept getting this Shrine message..."when they first came upon you they did not see any difference between you and nature - you were that close to nature that you resembled spoke the language of the animals - you spoke with were that close - this is why...because you were nature..." I knew the Shrine was speaking about the historical past - and now...indigenous people treated just like the earth - something to use - very little respect, very little reciprocity...

It kept coming in my mind, this Shrine message because it was linking together all of what I knew from the past and was answering the question - "how did we get here?" If we come from greatness, how did we get here? Separation of self from nature. Our nature includes our sacred sexual force - the energy that connects us to the Great Mother. So, we have to come back to all those places that we have been told are primitive, dirty and unholy...

In a prayer say...

I trust the Creator, Mother,Father, Goddess, God
I honor and respect all creations of this Divine Spirit
I know that I am made by the Creator
My knowledge of self affirms my Divinity because I was created by
the Creator/Mother/Father/Goddess/God
I am no mistake
Nothing created by the Creator upon my body is a sin
I am not a sin
My true nature is holy
of all earthly riches and heavenly blessings
I commit to living the life the Creator gave me
I am at peace, I feel love, I feel calm
as the the realization of Spirit washes over me.
Ashe', AWombyn, Amen, And So It Is!

Sistahs,true awareness brings balance. After a while destiny is simply what you desire.

I am grateful.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara


sista g said...

this is truly a blessing. I needed to hear this message and prayer. the way you speak of the elements connecting to our lives is so true, i've never thought of it in that way but it makes a lot of sense.

Sistah C said...

Thank you, Sista G...yes, we are nature...