Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Time To Move Forward

Sistahs, I decided recently to work with the idea of stretching beyond what I have conceptualized for my life at the present moment. Yes, I am happy however, I know this is not my resting place - this is not the place where I prop up my feet and say my work is done. I was thinking the other day that I want to move forward into uncharted territory as a Wombyn of Afrikan descent. I no longer wish to collude with the small boxes that have been conveniently made for me - for I am a Goddess - a SistahGoddess and it is with great pride and honor that I continue to work.

I find lately with the creation of Wombyn Studies that people are curious as to why I do the work I do - they may not see the worth of Wombyn's work. Some people are even scared to participate because of the "because"...The other day a Brotha wrote me and thanked me for the work on this blog and said that he has pass this blog on to the Wombyn in his life. I thought this was really the first time a Brotha has verbalized this to me. It meant a lot because he understood where my energy comes from...It is not to separate but to bring together. As long as Wombyn are afraid or tentative about their true Creator Given Power then communities remain torn and we are on a treadmill going nowhere. All Wombyn (not just a token few) have the ability to provide insights, intuition, knowledge and wisdom. I will continue my work until all Wombyn NATURALLY, organically feel that it is ok to be interested in themselves and to think HIGHLY of themselves.

In reference to the picture above:
I was commenting on bread a few week ago and wanted to know who invented it. Max Dashu who is a BRILLIANT Wombyn's Historian commented that it was Wombyn. She went on to say (paraphrase) that Wombyn where known to be early expert scientists because of the use of yeast as a leavening agent. Wombyn also invented canning, pickling and fermented foods and beverages such as beer. Other books I am reading lately speak of Wombyn being experts at growing crops through the use of their menstrual cycles/blood -when Wombyn were free to use the information of their bodies towards food science their communities never starved. (Her Blood Is Gold by Laura Owen).

I give thanks.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara


SoulSeed Tees said...

I appreciate you for taking the time. I am powerful. I feel like I have merely scratched the surface of expressing my power as a GODdess. Who are some wombyn that you feel have arrived?

A.Wilson SoulSeed Tees

Sistah C said...

@Sis. SoulSeed,
Yess!!! I too claim to be more and more in my power each day AND I wouldn't have a clue as to who has arrived already...I think it would be a personal question - so much of how I see the Goddess aspect is internal - just like the Yoni (our power source is internal).
What do you think are signs that someone has arrived? For me it would mean all aspect of my life are balance and are able to be at play without conflict.
Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

sistah g said...

hey sistah c ! a while back i emailed you about books, and u sent me a list of suggestions. I know this is totally off the subject of this post but lately i've been reading the great cosmic mother by monica sjoo, and it truly is a great work of art.just wondering.. what's your perspective on the whole "God the father" thing? I grew up with that name for the creator due to my Christian upbrining, but later in life I started thinking of the creator as a mother as well. My husband thought it might not be a good idea to do that because it could be considered blasphemy. Personally, I believe the creator has both qualities and shouldnt be recognized as just one... but im curious to know what you think.

Sistah C said...

@Sistah G,
The Great Cosmic Mother is a beautiful book. It was one of the first books to give me another perspective on the Creator. I think we all have to look to nature and re-remember within for that answer...I believe at its core creation is feminine - it holds the masculine and feminine because it gave birth to itself. No parts of the Great Feminine are less than or to be discarded because it all comes from her. There are many beliefs of a male creator but nowhere in nature do strictly male entities give birth themselves or anything...
Your research will bring the answers and sometimes it may not mesh with what you have been taught but the truth is available to all of us if we wish to see it.
Join us on www.WombynStudies.ning.com and/or join the Black Wombniverse http://blackwomanshealth.ning.com/
we are all learning from each other...
Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara