Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Work: Stepping Into Place

This morning I woke up early - it was still dark outside AND the Great Mother was speaking to me. I think she speaks at this time because I have no resistance in my mind after being in the dream world. I heard her say, "BE THE GODDESS..." be that thing you were meant to be. Why take less than what you deserve unless you believe you deserve that...or think you can't get anything better.

Her wisdom is very direct and I knew I had to go within and take it up a notch. In 2007 I started this blog from hearing her small whisper, "You are a Goddess...You ALL are Goddesses..." From here I had to open myself up to this truth. So much in my life -my painful experiences - society - culture was telling me the opposite. Who was I to believe and promote the Divine status of Sistahs? I kept going and every where I looked and investigated, either within or without, I found evidence of our Divinity. Sistahs, do you ever have this feeling that everyone is waiting - they are waiting on a miracle to change the vibration of their lives. They are looking towards everyone and everything BUT the SISTAH! Even Sistahs are looking for everything sometimes except themselves...

Right now, in the present moment can you possibly benefit from the same ole' game of smallness? Every day the same ole' expectation of going along with the 'man-made' thought that you can't possibly be the SOURCE. Sistahs, now is our time to make some decisions. We either decide that the smallness is too much to lose OR that our Divine Destiny is worth every seeming hurdle or temporary obstacle.

Sistahs, Goddess-hood is not going to given by those who suppress it. It may not be a popular place as you begin to take a stand and ask that Wombyn be put the conversation, in the lecture, in the book, in the sermon, in the position of oracle...At times you could feel alone but know that at least 146 people follow this site and over 100 have joined Wombyn Studies and we have not spoke of the silent supporters - that could be enough for you to know that you are not alone in this WORK.

Step into your place - no one else will fit - the place is for YOU.

Sis. Camara


SoulSeed Tees said...

Well I have decided that stepping into divinity is worth all that comes with it. It feels uncomfortable, but complacency resides in comfort. It's good to be in a circle that supports that.