Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Moon Prayer Call

Sistahs, often we all see the problems of the world - the challenges and what needs to change. The 13 Indigenous GrandMother's Council recently made a conference call to offer up prayers for our Mother Earth. I was so inspired by this call that I wanted to continue the energy that had been put forth from our Wise Elders.

Prayer, the offering of blessing and healing touch to me are our most powerful medicine. Just to focus on the intention of healing and put your energy on it can transform the most dire situation. Our minds can consciously create a reality and can CHANGE a reality.

On July 11th at 11:40am (pst)/ 2:40pm (est) the Wombyn Studies site will sponsor a prayer conference call to offer up our prayers and blessings to heal the Earth Mother Womb. All are invited and many are needed. In my most challenging hours I have reached out to everyone I know to see if they would simply pray for me - I tell you that prayer (regardless of the faith) WORKS!!! Not only do we use our collective consciousness we also call in the help of our Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Guides and the Most High.

A week ago I asked which Goddess would guide this process of prayer and it was Goddess Tara, Mother of compassion, wish fulfillment and assistance. The Tibetan Buddhist believed that Tara had the power to heal ALL sorrows and grant ALL wishes. The name Tara translates into English as, "she who causes one to cross...", which means the Goddess with help her devotees cross to the other side of their difficulties. Tara was believed to be a mortal woman who yearned to become the first female Buddha. One story claims that to reach this goal she prayed for the welfare of humans for over 10 million years. Then she transformed into a Goddess whose only desire was to ease the world's pain.

Tara is often depicted with differently colored skins...suggesting her realms of influence. She is most popularly seen as the White Tara and the Green Tara. As the white Tara she is renowned for her compassion. Green Tara is known to grant wishes.

The message from Tara: "Your Wish Can Be Granted If You Ask for Help."

This call is open to all. I hope you can join us and offer your special medicine.
Date: Sunday, July 11
Time: 11:40am (pst)/2:40pm (est)
Conference Call #: 712-432-0075
Code: 889727

Sis. Camara