Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spirit Medicine: Your Special Blend

Sistahs for the last few days I have been getting this message or prompt from my shrine and today I felt it was time to speak about it. She said, "true friends respect your medicine..." This was repeated to me often and I knew it was something that had to be shared. Today I wrote, "true friends honor and respect the Spirit Medicine you have to offer even at times when they don't understand it...they sit with it and you through the healing..."

My belief and the teachings that are coming from my Spirit Guides tell me that true friends respect the uniqueness you bring into the world -you gifts which are your Spirit Medicine. Imagine yourself for a moment the beautiful Goddess that you are carrying a intricate basket woven by your experiences and colored by your viewpoint AND inside are the herbs of the lessons you have learned, mix with your Ancestors special blend of cosmic flowers, roots, shells and other secret stuff. The contents of this powerful basket you carry you sprinkle around you - healing yourself and healing others - it is your special Spirit Medicine and it is needed.

No matter how powerful, experienced, dynamic the teacher is - the true teacher knows all pupils will be the MASTER of their OWN LIVES if taught the true teachings. A true teacher does not want you to remain at her feet but at the feet of the Goddess. If you understand this you will not create obstacles for your growth. You know when it is time to receive teachings and when it is time to forge your own path AND know you WILL forge your own path.

Often Sistahs we experiences challenges in life because we are not using our OWN Spirit Medicine. Our baskets are not being tended to cause we are placing our sacred ingredients in the baskets of others. It is in companionship that we all share our Spirit Medicine not in obligation or debt. Understand this Sistahs that the Great Mother is calling forth her Priestesses - it is her whispers you hear and it is her milk you hunger for - no earthly being can feed you, only the Great Mother's Breast.

Sistahs gather your baskets, weave together any holes, work with your Ancestors to know the ingredients and stir your Medicine.

Much Love To You!
Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

This is true Spirit Medicine. Thank you Goddess Camara! Love, Liaya

Sistah C said...

@Liaya, thank you! Always uplifted by you and I SEE You!
Peace and Hugs!

hakan altan said...

thank you

T'arr.a Lu said...

Another truth I needed to read today. So glad I found your blog

Sistah Camara said...

Hey Sis. T'arr.a,
I hope you will join Wombyn Studies. We are a community of like minded Sistahs sharing, healing and learning together.
Sis. Camara