Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Next Level Thinking...


I have been working up a sweat lately...I think it is because the planets are truly aligned and now is the time to get things done! Being a single parent, I know what it is like to be tired and have a lot to do AND there is that part of you that wants to move upward and onward. The other day I thought to myself, "I appreciate where I am -what I have come through but I am ready to go to the next level!"

I realized a year ago that great deal of my time was spent trying to manage and solve problems for others when really my life needed some managing and problem solving. The golden rule then became that people will resolve their own issues when they are good and ready. The perfect way to assist is to be the model of peace, harmony, success and prosperity. If I wanted to be a money coach then I would first want to make sure that I have my prosperity in alignment with my consciousness AND make sure that I am successful myself in all areas of abundance. The truth of this can be said for anything.

I know there are many people out there that poo-poo those who choose to live their lives in wholeness - who choose happiness over mental slavery. I think folks get it backwards sometimes - you don't need to devote grueling hours of sweat to a job that you have no passion for in order to pay bills for over-priced things you buy to impress people you don't like. The stress of this passionless cycle could leave you depressed or ill. For many of us however, this is the only way of life we know...many of us have never really thought about doing something with our lives that would bring us joy and happiness...

Sistahs, I am about living my heaven here on earth not in the after-life. My Creator never told me that I needed to suffer and worry for my divinity. I now know that every time I have ended up suffering was because I made some choice at some point that I could not have what I truly desired. I chose lack instead of my divine birth rite of prosperity. Now when I desire the best for myself I go and visualize it AND I take an action towards that visualization. One year I had a big goal - to be financially stable and pay off all my debts. I visualized myself doing it and one day I said to myself, "I want to pay all my bills on time - no late fees." I then visualized all the $$ I would save because I was not paying $20 here and there for fees. I took ACTION and sat down with all my bills and looked at the due dates, wrote the checks or scheduled the payments online and then I was done. I got myself a little file box and started to file away my bills and developed a "one-touch" system - open the bill, write the check & stamp and file! Before I knew it I was on time each month with bills. I started to notice that I have a few extra dollars a month to buy a book or save. I also noticed when I paid on time - folks offered me better rates or no deposit. In the long run it worked for me not against me. Every time I opened a bill I affirmed that I was grateful to be able to pay this bill and pay it on time.

In the man-made world nothing changes, people are forced to suffer with things as they are...In the Spirit world things are changeable - new paths open before your very eyes-miracles take ask AND you receive...Try it! I knew one person who was always slammed at the first of the month with bills and rent. She called all of her accounts and asked for a later billing due dates and most of them changed the due dates on her bills to mid-month! She got so energized that she went and asked for a reduction on another bill and got it! She even asked her boss for a cost of living increase (yes, in a financial slump!) AND she got it! She was not lucky instead she ASKED and she RECEIVED! She also EXPECTED to receive. She said to me that everyday she woke up she expected GREAT and POWERFUL things to take place in her life - that everything that came in contact with her was in alignment with her greatest prosperity. Her world changed as a result.

My son's 16 year old friend said to me about his sales business, "When I get a no, I know a yes is coming soon!" I know this kid is gong to succeed because he knows that the person or situation that is saying "no" is simply not the right person that will say "yes". Learn to discern between healthy criticism and poo-poo advice AND keep going! We are all beautiful individuals living our own unique dream.

I had this song on my mind all day...especially the line "the World is Mine when I wake up!!! I don't need no body telling me the time!...." (video embedded)

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara


SoulSeed Tees said...

I am with you living heaven here on earth. I too realize that before we put life jackets on other people and situations we must save ourselves first. Sometimes we as women get all bent out of shape for loving self. We love everyone else but neglect the # uno. Keep on your journey and keep sharing your travels, we're listening.

Devotee of the Divine said...

Wow Sis, it looks like my thoughts on someone else blog...!
Actually everything u mentioned here is what Ive been going through/talking about....
The amazing thing I realized about Truth Seekers, is that no matter who/where we are we are usually going through the same journey

Ya Haqq!