Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Vision of 10 Billion Goddess Bring Forth 10 Billion Fruits!!!

Sistahs, I was on the phone with a good Sistah friend the other night AND we started
talking about Sistah-hood. I mean Sistahs supporting one another, not just buying their stuff or pumping them up but collaborating with them! I really don't bring up the topic often but it is worth a short conversation...There is really no need for the feeling that someone is competing against you or can possibly TAKE anything that has divinely come from you. You are so unique in your creative capacity that out of all the people on the planet your finger prints are unique to you AND only you - so this means AIN'T NOBODY LIKE YOU ON THE EARTH.

As my friend and I spoke I got the message, "There is enough room on the planet for 10 Billion Goddess bringing forth 10 Billion fruits from their wombs! AND from there - THERE IS STILL MORE ROOM!!!" Sistahs, I don't think it is enough to create in silos anymore - we got to start collaborating to put forth even larger fruits of our success. The ole' saying "where two or more are gathered..." is true. Something powerful comes from collaboration.

I know for many of us it is hard to trust...we are suspicious more often than not. I talk to many talented folks that have trouble with their businesses and services - the reason I often see is they have a lack of trust and are closed to collaboration. Maybe this is with good reason but will one incident forever hold you in a pattern of stagnation? Failure often results in learning. I have had a few failed partnerships and often it came down to communication. Here are some of my tips from my own experience:

1. Access if it is the right time for you to collaborate with a partner.

2. Have several conversations with a potential partner. In fact work on a small volunteer project with them to see how you both work together. Volunteer projects are great for this because a good partners will work on any worthwhile project - money related or not with the same amount of zeal and drive for success.

3. What talents are each partner bringing to the table AND are they compatible and somewhat equal? You don't want to get saddled with the bulk of a project while someone is just adding stamps to letters. Plan out what the partnership will look like and see if it is satisfactory for all involved.

4. Be clear about your own personal goals and work ethic. Are you like a "dog-on-a-pant-leg" strictly "A" type who comes to meetings prepared, on-time and ready go, then you probably don't want to partner with someone who is not timely and shows up with more excuses than a plan OR partner with someone who is soooo busy that your project is just one of many on their plate. You don't have to be alike but make sure in the basics you are compatible.

5. Partnership don't have to be life-long. From each project you will learn and perfect your own guidelines for the next project. Don't be afraid to give things a try, just keep in mind your own personal mission - make sure your collaboration fits into that picture as well.

Look forward to seeing more Sistahs working together!

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara