Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love yourself, Love yourself, Love yourself
cause who is going to love you if
you don't love yourself?

Be who you want to be RIGHT NOW!
Stop waiting for tomorrow
Stop worrying about who you use to be.

Everyday do a little to towards your dream
make a vision board and place it within eye's sight of your bed,
gaze, unwavering at your dream vision each day, each moment...
chant "I Love Myself" two thousand times each day until you have no
choice but to believe it!

Stop telling lies about yourself,
stop saying your fat, your broke, your not this or that...
if you can't see yourself right now as a Goddess then
be WILLING to one day see yourself as a Goddess

Drop the dead people,
the people that have stopped living a long time ago,
surround yourself with people who are alive,
who dream and share their dreams,
who respect you enough to not weigh you down constantly
with stagnation and reasons why something can't happen...

Stop worrying about what others will think,
they going to always think what they are going think
AND you are always going to GROW and EXPAND

If your head hurts and your back is aching then
maybe just have been trying to fit yourself
into that box again - you know the one that is too small,
so crowded and worthless...
the world can't benefit at all from you playing small...

I wish I could say Money doesn't matter, but I would be lying...
I wish I could say Money TOTALLY matters but I would be lying...
Don't settle for less than what you deserve AND
be generous.


Remember how you said you wouldn't do that again,
but you did?
It's ok, you just had to learn that lesson again.
Stop beating yourself up,
even a Goddess has her most human times...

Some of the most fiercest warriors I have ever met
were kind and loving people...
You can be serious and like laughing and smiling...

Pleasure principle:
Wombyn on top,
Wombyn completely satisfied,
Wombyn vibrating with the Light of Spirit!

Create, create, create...
Wombyn are creative beings,
visionaries, dreamers
Bring your dream into our reality,
help us all with your vision...
again, You Are Needed...

Peace and Hugs
Sis. Camara


AVISION said...

I believe you.

read my essay: ''STARGATE'' at the bottom of the website