Sunday, September 19, 2010

My New Raw Vegan Food Blog

Hey Sistahs!!!
I have been quietly on an extended juice fast/feast for the last month and I finally eased into a gentle ending last week. It was truly a "sacrifice" that I needed to engage in to go to another level - to see "what I am made of..." ha hah!!! I had to say that the Spirit World was with me every inch of the way - helping me to detox and release. I am still in the process - eating very little (perhaps once a day) and still juicing...

During this time I recommitted to my vegan live food diet with the thoughts that I will do many things differently to make sure I don't loose too much weight and stay balanced with my sugar and fat intake. I have been doing more research and I even took the time to write up my juice feasting process which I will share with you soon. I released a lot of weight, my skin is clear and my energy is BACK!!! I am going to yoga regularly and I sense doors have opened for me...My work continues and I feel as if I cleanse a lot of baggage.

I have decided to document my food journey/health journey on a new blog called RAW SistahGoddess, I will share raw vegan recipes and cooked vegan recipes. I would love for you to give me your opinions. I will be starting off slow as I am not really eating too much right now - but I will share my processes - thoughts on products and preparation. Today, I made my son (who is "RAW Skeptical" - I just invented a new phrase for those who believe raw vegan food is radical and not realistic yet are always IN YOUR PLATE trying to taste it!) a live, raw vegan hummus with fresh field greens. The hummus is bean-free AND nut-free. Very economical to make and delicious!!!

The goal of my new blog is to show you inexpensive ways to do raw vegan food while staying healthy. I am not dogmatic about this way of eating in fact I will probably eat some cooked foods when approach is a Vegan Fusion of Raw Living & Cooked Vegan. I am an amateur green chef but I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Thanks for your support!

Sis. Camara


MaituFoods said...

Wow, they say great minds think alike. I have just in the last 3 weeks begun to increase my raw food skills and go back to my raw food prep days. So it was a delight to see this. MaituFoods is opening up its raw foods menu. Maybe we can share recipes back and forth. Love.

Sistah Camara said...

Thanks, Sis! Yes, I have been on a creative roll with this food and just re-remembering the goodness of it all. I was 100 raw a few years back and now I am ready to give it a go again with some modifications. Yes, lets exchange recipes!!
Peace and Hugs!