Friday, September 10, 2010

Sistahs, I want to give big thanks for the many of you that have reached out to me lately. I DO have many changes happening in my life. The funny part is that unlike my usual self- worried, fightin', lamenting change - I am actually IN THE FLOW...For the last 26 days I have been on a juice fast/feast. I have watched myself and my life during this time in 'overview' mode. All of this process has been about the bigger picture- the details don't seem to be important right now. I see so many parts of my life healing or dissolving just as the toxins leave the body. It is funny how Zen it all becomes - what once was important - non-negotiable or what was once even desired seems to be transforming before my very eyes.

So many of us live from a space and time that is ALREADY GONE yet we are still there in our minds - trying to re-live it. It is as if that past moment is ALL that there is when in in reality the GRANDEST parts of our lives are still waiting for us to be present and recognize the moment.

I see inside of me a NEW Wombyn being born - she is none like no other. She is no longer thinks like she use to... nor does she sleep or eat like she use to...She has placed many of her past experiences in their rightful place in order to be her true self. She no longer uses her energy in efforts that continue to render her invisible or less than. She is the GREAT I AM! And in my awareness of her inside of me, I am no longer able to bend, crotch down low or get small to make others comfortable. I stand and let what is BE and what will BE COME. If others have judgments then I let them wallow in those opinions while I move forward, UP and OVER.

Sistah, what a beautiful time it is for those ready to SEE it. The days of self-doubt are gently put to rest so that what is Divine within us can step forward. I give thanks for the guidance of Spirit leading the way...

Peace and Hugs,


J. Ade' said...

Sis. Camara:
What a timely post this is for me. Thank you for sharing with us and providing the reminder that I needed to stay in the present, looking to the past for what lessons I can learn, and moving forward. Give thanks!