Friday, November 5, 2010

Sistahs, I recently made a decision that will require me to take a risk and grow...It will lead me more towards my path yet there is no guarantee of what I will accomplish or what will be the result of my work. Life is like that if you choose to really live it.

When I woke this morning my shrine referenced the act of farming...I thought, "...farming??" I was shown that now in my life I have to liken myself to a farmer- I have the precious seed which is my life and I must choose the soil upon which I will cultivate it...I must take the soil (my environment) and analyze it. Is it full of nutrients (meaning supportive elements like people, conditions, opportunities)? OR is the soil full of rocks (hard obstacles that have calcified in the soil as the result of old belief systems, cultural/generational pain, all the "isms", limitation)?

The Divine Mother showed me that this is why the Wombyn must be the Master Gardener. She desires the fruits of her labor but faulty soil may inhibit the growth of her precious seed. Any place, condition, relationship in which you can not be your natural self - the 'SEED' of who you are IS faulty soil. However, even the Master Gardener knows that some seeds, even if they are planted under concrete will sprout and grow around the hard parts of life. Perhaps a paradox...

Choose wisely...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara