Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Survival Strategies

You know, Sistahs at times I can get into survival. I think about strategies that would help me sustain in life's worse situations - flood, earthquake, apocalypse...I vision myself like McGyver yet a GODDESS with a backpack, a stick of gum, herbs, candles, matches, cowrie shells, florida water and INTENT.

When doubts plague you, when you experience the most seeming insurmountable obstacles, it is risky to push forward. This morning I was thinking about a situation and I felt twisted - I could see where I want to be but the path seem unfamiliar, uneven and unpredictable. Despite all this, I felt supported and the shrine message came, "...in case of a high winds, sunken holes, blackouts, fires, flood and your own limiting thoughts - KEEP GOING!"

The Goddess in McGyver mode knows that the goal is more important than the little blockages. The mission can withstand the naysayers and the disbelievers. On every HERO's JOURNEY there is the test, whether it is a natural disaster, a non supporter or one's own shadow - the victory is in finding a way to move beyond the limitation. Sometimes your very core will be tested but if you really see the result STAY THE COURSE!

As one of my FB friends says, "..stay encouraged!"

Sis. C