Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Prayer for My Sistahs

I first call in the Creator
then I call in Mama Earth
then I call in Mama Water
I call in all other Deities, Spirits
and Energies
that are here in
this moment to help us heal
I call in all of My Ancestors who sit at the Creator's feet

I call you all here to give thanks and praises
for a new day
a new day of life
a new day of lessons
a new day of blessings

I ask that you continue to guide our way
help to keep us clear
help to protect us from harm to our physical, spiritual and mental selves
I ask that you continue to remind us about who we are -divine children of the creator
here to fulfill our purpose to bring the world into balance
I ask that you bring us to the right place, the right people, the right situations so that we can manifest our dreams...
I ask that you stand with your hand upon our heads and guide us when we are off course...
I ask that you keep reminding us of how special we are, how important we are to the healing of this world...
I ask that you help us to re-remember our greatness so that we can feel safe to trust one another and be generous with one another.

I know that our enemies have no power against us!
I know that when our enemies approach us their weapons fall to the ground at the sight of our greatness!
I ask that you protect us from those who DO NOT know themselves and their own greatness.
I ask that you remove obstacles that appear to be in our way...
Please give us the sight to see the treasures around us...
Help us to choose our battles well and when it is time for war...
walk with us to the battleground and bring us victory!

I ask all of my Grandmothers who are known and unknown to me
to touch each sistah I know and don't know with their protective hand
so that she can stand firm in who she is
so that she can have the courage to take care of herself
and do the work of her bloodline
Help each of us sistahs to re-remember who we are so we don't collaborate in our own oppression in the name of love, lust or jealousy
Help us to support one another and protect our sacred bond,
so we can grow to be righteous elder teachers for our daughters, sons, granddaughters and grandsons...
so we may end the cycle of abuse on the female spirit

We are truly grateful for the force of spirit in our lives.

Ashe' Ashe' Ashe'
Madasi Madasi Madasi