Monday, November 12, 2007

What a Woman Must Do

I want to thank those of you who emailed me in support of my last post. It takes some courage to reveal your creative side. I would love for sistahs to send me some of their art to share on the blog. Just want to create a space for sharing.

I have been looking at my Dreams lately wondering what it is that I want from life. I have been thinking a lot about relationships. I heard someone say relationships are our last frontier. I am not just talking about love relationships - there are family relationships, friends and community. I have been in search for the meaning of all these relationships in my life - looking at the good and the bad. Mostly looking at myself and who I am being. I have a great hunger for authentic relationships and this hunger has often left me blind to what is really going on. My mother was watching daytime tv today and you know daytime tv (court reality shows, soap operas, Oprah, etc...) it is enough to make you wondering who is watching this stuff. Anyway, there was this one commercial for a lawyer and he says "Don't worry about it. Let me take care of everything. Just let me do it." My first thought was how sneaky and cunning but I realize that those words can drive people to enter into dangerous relationships -it is what a lot people think they want - someone to handle everything...calgon take me away...fertile ground for abuse...Like the elders would say "remember, the devil is a liar"
Relationships are hard and they require a great deal of compromise. If we judge too much then we are forever searching for perfection - and well...none of us are perfect. My new frontier is to cultivate relationships that are balanced, sincere, thought provoking, kind, respectful, spiritual and generous. May I first seek to cultivate those things in myself in order to be able to share them with others...Ashe

Sistah Spoken Word

I am very much in this spoken word/poetry therapy. Ursula Rucker is another favorite of mine - she is hard hitting- not for primetime and small minds. Here is a clip I found of her (some strong language). Enjoy!

Okay...this sistah just blew it up! From New Orleans Sunni Patterson