Monday, December 10, 2007

Second Post Today: The Holy Ghost

Maybe from my last post you think that I would not know anything of the Holy Ghost but that is where you are wrong. I am doing two post in one day because I am at home right now - having church! It started when my friend Abena sent me the clip from the Color Purple, "God is Trying to Tell You Something". I listened and watched it a few times just feeling so "deep inside" (its a hard feeling to describe). I think looked over to the margin and I saw this clip from the Oprah show. I guess she had a Legend's Weekend - with a bunch of stars.
Well, in this clip you see everyone in their Sunday best (and you know WE know how to dress on Sunday!) Well, first things were real proper and then out of no where- you see people getting what was called when I was young "happy". It is so beautiful to watch Sistahs just jump up and out with the spirit! I was raised in the church and I tell you I have gotten the holy ghost many times myself, even at a Buddhist retreat. The Afrikan spirit has a way of coming and snatching you up - no matter how much you are trying to just sit there - it won't let it happen. It is this deep and instant connection to spirit that speaks to the unity of our people.
Here is the link to the clip or watch it below.


Sistah C