Thursday, January 3, 2008



Winter is a time that the earth begins to go back to its fullness- when everything "dies"-leaves turn brown, grow hard and make mulch for the earth. Trees and grass become dormant, many animals grow still and hibernate. There is still activity but it is slower and regenerative. It is a subtle yet powerful transformation that takes place. Healing is the same way. If we take our cues from nature this is a time to reflect, go inward and be in your divine self. Look has what had to die so that you could move forward in a new way. If you have not let a part of yourself transform then ask yourself why? Transformation is natural, it is the way of the earth. Rigidness is symbolic of death-flexibility is symbolic of life - just take a look at a green leaf and a brown leaf.
One lesson I learned over the years is to move towards challenges- go inside them- find out what and why they are- surrender to them and let them transform me. The world can't benefit from our contributions if we are stuck in stagnation, this is why we must heal ourselves at every opportunity.
I remember years ago living in Oakland I would take the train to work in San Francisco. I was sitting there reading when an older Sistah stood up and told everyone in the car that she was once very ill and thought she was going to die. She said that in her prayers she got a message to make herself a medicine and with this medicine she healed herself. She then took out slips of paper and handed them out to everyone on the train saying she promised to let others know about this medicine and how to heal themselves. It was interesting to see some people refuse the paper but I took the paper - on it was a recipe using olive oil and sugar. I thought to myself of course the medicine would be this simple because the most powerful part of the formula was in her believing in her divine self to guide her towards healing and in her sharing it with the rest of the world.
Yesterday, I completed my first piece of art since the end of my marriage. I had been working on an idea to make dolls and last night I completed my first one... Her name is Ma Ye Ye - The Healer, The Ancient One. She stands about 20" tall and is made out of natural materials - she holds a cluster of quartz -which is said to be the master healer of all conditions. She is very powerful and has come through as medicine for myself and for everyone. I will get some better pictures of her - here she is...

DAY 26 (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts)
26. My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.