Thursday, March 20, 2008

Power Principle...

Photo: RENEE COX,Yo Mama at Home, 1993

Some time ago when I first started this blog I got this message that my purpose was to help to "restore the female spirit". I think it is interesting that Spirit said "restoration" because to me it means that we "had" something that now needs to be replaced. So, if I go from this truth then that means that there is a herstory - a past that tells the story of the female spirit. This "story" is now consuming me - I want to know about this great female spirit and its way.

I have already claimed art as my path and now I also claim metaphysics as the next tool on this path. I realized this week that I am a scientist of sorts but I am not all that concerned with just the physical- I am driven by the non physical. I am interested in a "technology" that taps into the power of the universe to find answers to our questions. So, this artist and metaphysican is now drawing in the power of the female spirit! I am calling in all of her stories, her spiritual deities, energies, chakras, images, and more. I am doing this so that we can find our healing. My friend Christa Bell, a wild and powerful poet asked the question, "What if God looked like me?" You can go to her website and take a look at this beautiful Sistah Goddess - click here
I remember speaking to a brotha from a "cosmic religion" I can't remember the name of... and he prophetized (is that a word??) that "The world will be healed when the white man can accept that the Black Woman is his mother." Well, it may not be only the white man that has to accept this...

I have been feeling pregnant lately - absolutely pregnant! Although, I am not with child I feel this same feeling that I had when I was pregnant with my son - a feeling of wholeness and wonderment. I feeling of power and creation. Yesterday, I drew a picture of my womb and I put "I AM POWERFUL!" in the middle of it. Something is growing inside of me and I think it is FREEDOM, Yall! I realized that when I was pregnant as the tender age of 24 - I was a powerful little Mama! I decided to start a "new" lineage and created my baby's whole name using words of power - his first name means "destroyer of evil", his second name means "man's strength from his mother" and his last name is a combination of Kemetic spiritual sounds that vibrates his being every time someone says it! I was not playing yall - I ate only natural foods when he was in my womb and I did not surround myself with any negativity knowingly.

The Ancestors keep telling me "go back to what you know" - I think it means to go back to what feels natural and being Unapologetically Powerful is NATURAL TO ME. I know I am not the only one feeling this energy - if it is you then don't wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today...The world needs a Sistah Uprising...quiet as it is kept we have been doing a lot of the work already...
Sistah C