Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prophecies: Afrikans In Africa...

Picture: Credo Mutwa Village, Soweto

I have to admit that I am highly curious about all types of prophecies. When I was a kid living in California I would always hear things about it falling into the water some day...Back then I had this image of hearing some loud cracking and boom!! off into the water! Now, I think that the rising tides from iceberg meltdowns may actually swallow up the coast of California, little by little...Don't panic - not like I have any evidence to confirm this other than just what is happening to a tiny island in the Pacific called Tuvalu and the melting icebergs up north -not much evidence at all... really...
In a conversation with a friend she brought up that three times (things happen in threes)she has heard that the continent of Africa is expecting an influx of Afrikans from America in the near future. It reminds me of a prophecy I heard filmed of a conversation with Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, a South African Priest/Shaman. The prophecy said that in the year 2012 all of Afrika's lost children will return to her. Now the Mayan calendar says something significant will happen in 2012 as well.
If this prophecy is true, I wonder what it would be that would FINALLY make us Afrikans in America decide to leave? I wonder if WE will decide to leave or will We be forced to leave? I mean a lot of horrible things have happened to us here and we are still here...Maybe something will occur that will be like the last straw - you know the one that broke the camel's back. Perhaps it will just be a natural disaster... Who be honest I have thought about leaving here because I want to experience living on the continent. The only reason I haven't left yet is I don't want to go there without a way to contribute (you know a job/useful skill, some savings, etc...) BUT you never know...opportunities arise at any moment.
I am just curious to see if anyone else has heard anything...

"My grandfather taught me that there are many ways by which one can reach the ultimate truth that is at the full extent of one’s mental powers. He told me that I could either do it painfully by depriving myself of food and drink and by causing my body to suffer as much as possible, or I could do it through the medium of joy, of happiness and ecstasy. I chose to experiment with both these two ways. Sometimes I fasted and tortured my body until I felt like a prisoner undergoing savage interrogation. Sometimes I used the joyous way, as it is called, in which I sat down and thought only beautiful thoughts and ate pure food sparingly and drank only pure cool water and that also very sparingly.
Strange vistas opened in my mind. I no longer was afraid of the fearsome visions that I saw; rather I worked with them, and saw them as useful guides which greatly strengthened and broadened my perception, not only of the world in which I lived, but also of the entire cosmos.
My grandfather told me that a sangoma must be able to draw knowledge from what he called “the Hidden Lake.” There is, he said, a huge unseen lake somewhere in the spirit world where all the knowledge of the universe ”past, present, and future” is to be found.
“Knowledge lives in that lake in the form of little silver fishes,” my grandfather said. “You must never never again say that you do not know something. You must just ask the lake, the unseen lake, to provide you with the knowledge that you seek. You are a Child of God, you were created by God. Even the Christians tell you, ‘All things are possible.’ Because you are a tiny tiny fragment of God Almighty, all things are possible to you also.” This is what my grandfather taught me."
--Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa


Ensayn1 said...

I find this post facinating. I am one that grew up in Southern California and heard the same stories as well, about Cali breaking off and falling into the ocean. But, the Sangoma you feature here speaks such deep truths. Can you supply more info on her?
I am one that believes the whole world is Africa, and that ALL humans derived in the specific area of southeastern Africa (now Uganda) and came forward, first as Black people to all parts of Mother Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.
The Xi people which we know as Olmecs, maybe recent travelers to this continent. And, on their arrival they met face to face with people that looked just like them, had a culture similar to their's, a language similar to their's, and a Service to the Spirits & Ancestors similar to their's. Thus the question for me is; How would the Africa of today support the amount of human population if the "children" of Africa returned to the continent?

Should we only believe that the Black population in the Americas came via a Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to the Americas?
Did we not have the will and resources to reach here first when the world land mass was connected?
Did we not have the will and resources to reach the Americas on ships long before the end of the Great Kemetan civilization?
Is it not true that all so called races ascend from the "Black" race of people? If so, would they not be included in a return to the Africa as children of Africa?
I believe Africa is where any Black person stands today, so I am hoping the return to Africa is a metaphor for the return to true Civilization with the Mother Goddess on her throne and we live in true harmony with one another, the Earth, and our other family members called animals.

Sistah C said...

Very Beautiful, Ensayn. Yes, I like the idea of the metaphor of coming home to one's true self. We did travel "here" before being brought here in chains-our past is much more Ancient and Noble than what most of us have been taught...Africa can hold all the Americas in her womb and still have room for more. Maps misrepresent her size (for a reason). Still, I would agree with you that the point is more about finding the "home" within us.
V. Credo Mutwa is actually a brotha. And his river runs real deep...I would recommend reading his South African creation stories in Indaba My Children. There are also websites, articles, etc... on him AND I think he is accessible for those who want to meet him...I have a friend who connected with him.
The prophecy I heard about had a little bit more to it which made me think that it had to do with our physicality but then again what you say rings true - makes sense...maybe it is "both and---"
Many thanks for the enlightenment along the way.
Sistah C

K. Koje said...

I find the works of Chiek Anta Diop and Ivan Van Sertima critical to an understanding of Africans as the original people, the root race of all the races and the ultimate reality of Earth as being, at one time a truly black planet. In that regard, I tend to agree with ensayn1 that the home we find is within and among us. For all the Africans of the world to converge on the continent physically would indeed be a world changing phenomenon. What I sense, from within a deep and decades long intuition is that we will re-establish our cultural and spiritual heritage with our root families, as I have through my now deceased father and Sistah C has with her travel. The great changes we are looking for in prophecy have already begun. And from these many thousands of weblogs and websites we are speaking our ultimate unity into being.

What I do hear from spirit is that if Barack Obama becomes President, the American paradigm will consider that it has eradicated racism and that we are truly on our own. The years after an Obama Presidency will find a very different attitude about our collective. It behooves us to use the time wisely to create the systems we must to handle our own community matters locally and nationally. We can count on an Obama Presidency as a grace period before things really, really get tough. Time to get it together.

Sistah C said...

Thanks, Ken. I do believe Obama will mean change for us and I think it will be in a way that is unexpected. Spiritually, mentally and soulfully I think we are ready to change our relationship with power. We are ready to emerge from a place of powerlessness to a place of our true glory...It can and most likely will be frightening. Tonite, I was part of discussion that spoke of exercising power in your fullness. We need to give ourselves and each other the permission to be in our true nature. With that permission comes trust and with trust we will begin to unify in an authentic way.
Sistah C