Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparation for A Powerful Year!

(Rise - M Borgella,for info on artist and purchase click pic)

(Rise - M Borgella,for info on artist and purchase click pic)

As the year comes to a close I always ask myself what are the lessons I have learned? What is it that I accomplished? How were my prayers answered? What am I grateful for? Its good to just take stock and be thankful.

Today, I continue to think of ways that I can achieve my goals and create balance in my life. I know this year I want to focus on relationships. I saw this year where I needed to make changes and now I am ready to cultivate new relationships. I sense there are many kindred Spirits who are also looking for connects that are healthy, uplifting and peaceful.

Life is alchemy and so I want to put myself in the best position to benefit from the powerfulness of the Universe. I have decided to embark on a "40 Day Intimate Portrait of Change". I will consist of fasting, prayer, meditation, creativity, journaling and manifestation. I was researching the significance of the number 40 this morning and found that it a number of tests, trials, meditation, reflection and chastisement. Often one is on a "hero's journey" or I will call it a "Goddess' Journey" to find victory or to achieve a goal. The result of stories with the significant number 40 is victory, resurrection, reconstruction, renewal and transformation. So, with all that in mind I have decided that this 40 day Intimate Portrait of Change will be my journey to a new expanded way of living in complete abundance! Exciting!

I will record my progress on this blog...I will share some of my practices and processes. I begin on New Year's Day! If you want to join me in your own style of a 40 Day Intimate Portrait of Change then please share your thoughts on your own progress and what you have decided to do to bring in a fuller and more vibrant New Year.


While I was researching the number 40 I ran across this site that explained how to figure out your own numerology power numbers - Serena's Guide to Numerology Its a quick and fun way to see what is in store for the new year. My 2010 year is a "1" year for me - meaning New Beginnings, new opportunities! Exciting!!!

Lunar Calendars

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Well, off to my organizing and cleaning out closet and files!!!

Sis. Camara


Soraya said...

Awesome. Looking forward to starting on the journey too...I want to invest and engage my energy in things that bring me/others joy..make me feel good, feed my essence and facilitate healing.

2009 was about recognizing boundaries- enforcing my own and respecting has not been an easy process, I'm still flexing, learning, growing and struggling sometimes..I've made huge strides as well; once I was silent inside and listened deeply :be still, be quiet, be patient, be in-love with yourself is what came to me in my quiet time. I forgave myself and understood deeper than I ever have that the process is the product!

Many Blessings

Sistah C said...

I am feeling you on boundaries and lessons from just standing strong in who I am...I am ready to move forward powerfully and consciously...I have learned alot about myself and who I have been in the past -which informed a lot of my relationships - I an now ready to see what this new path brings.
Thank you for sharing your thought with me and look forward to hearing more from you about your practice and process.
Sis. C

Anishinaabekwe said...

I love this picture!

I also love that you are on a 40 day Intimate Portrait of Change. Thank you for sharing your growth with us.


Sistah C said...

Beautiful artist! Her name is M.Borella and she emailed me with her actual site, Check it out!