Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sistahs, I feel like my dream is coming connect with SistahGoddesses like yourselves has been my dream. Love is contagious - when you are infected by it others feel relaxed around you - they want to be in your realm. I noticed at work this whole week I am noticing 'love' in its subtle, the security guards were passing out chocolates today...

Imagine for a moment that the work we are doing is creating a shift...a ripple effect...a butterfly effect...a heart effect...wonderful...

Sis.Amaris replied to the subscription email. My eyes were not dry hearing this beautiful story:

"Greetings, Hotep, Peace Sistah Goddesses!

I decided to check in to say that I have been absolutely blessed in so many ways being a part of this blog and network. Before Sis.Camara started the Love Fest, I had been meditating and resting in a Love space. It has been becoming a stronger force day after day. And what can I say...all things are in divine order. I am so grateful for Sistah Goddesses in my life.

So I'd like to share a love experience that I recently had. Not too long ago I was on a plane traveling back home. I was pretty tired and had planned to sleep most of the flight. Everyone was in their seats, bags put away and waiting for this passenger who hadn't shown up yet. Finally he comes and sits right beside me. He seemed to be a little out of breath but very warm. We began to talk and he shared with me why he was going to Utah. He had a son that he was going to court to be able to see more. I could feel the love that he had for his son when he spoke. He told me his son's mother was very vindictive and didn't want him to be in his son's life so he was somewhat nervous about the court hearing the next day. He shared with me pictures of his son and daughter and his wife. This man was a total stranger but I could feel his heart. I could feel the love he had for his family. I told him that I would pray for him, his son and the situation. And so as the plane took off, I closed my eyes and began to pray for this man. As I did, I began to feel such a fullness within myself. It was as if something (love) was filling up in me like you fill a glass with water. I became so full that I started to cry. I could not stop the tears from flowing. I was not sad. I was just so full with love that I felt I could touch someone and transform them. I never spoke to or saw that man again but I know he won his case because LoVe paved the way. Love is infectious, contagious, and most of all transformative. It is powerful, we are more powerful when we let love in, let it fill us. Love full and start with self.

I give thanks for Sistah Goddess Camara and all the other Sistah Goddess here that I am so blessed to learn from and share with. Asante sana (thank you very much)

May Love fill us all!!"

Sis. La'Tanya, checked-in!!!! Saying:
"Just a note to say I am loving the knowledge and I am growing in leaps and bounds!"

Sis. Shelly said...

"Sending Love and Light from Louisiana to all my SiSTARS!!!! Let's show the world what love and healing are all about! WE GOT THIS!!! Peace, love, protection and healing to you all."

Sis. Creativehealinggoddess said...

"Love this and love the person oil recipes. I make a lot of oils and this gives me something new to do. A great show well done so much great information.... I need to listen again as it was late so I am gonna put it on my mp3."

Sis.Soraya said...

"Ashe, Ashe, Ashe,

beautiful images and awesome guidance/instructions. i think i'm going to play with some oil bases and essential oils i already have.

i have to say that i feel something amazing brewing and growing..besides my expanding prego belly. it might be a sense of calm and peace i feel or a combination of things that i sense ( water babies have a heightened sense of self and their environment..not to mention the connection/s we feel to our ancestor's. this does not mean that non-water babies don't have the same connectedness. today i had a strong desire to commune with nature and give praise ..a simple walk or sitting on my stoop will's a beautiful day. i wish you all love and an open heart!"

haiku #3

sweet goddess's love
love is the fuel of my soul
my heart is open

Don't you LUV those haikus???!!!

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Sis. Camara