Friday, March 19, 2010


artist, Kanayo Ede

artist, Kanayo Ede

Hey Sistahs,
Did you know that the 20th is the Spring Equinox? This is the time of year that signals the winter is over and that it is time for the sun to start warming the earth underneath our feet! Spiritually, I think of this time as a transitional time - the dark, winter months are the times of a slower pace...I go inward and sit with what IS and find peace in my solitude. During the 'winter' of my soul I allow what needs to die to go and as 'spring' emerges I think about what it is that I wish to grow in my life. I contemplate the seeds of new beginnings and emerge from my solitude to see what my SistahGoddesses are doing in their world!

The Spring Equinox is a perfect time to WRITE A NEW STORY in your life. Take that first step towards a new dream. I sometimes take a new class - anything that moves me in the direction of my goals. Dreams have a 'dream account' - when you make a deposit you add value to the dream manifesting.

In some cultures Spring was actually the beginning of a new year! I for one like that idea a lot. I am thinking of doing a special ceremony in my home - I will decorate, buy some flowers, plant some flowers, make a special meal for my patron Goddess of Spring and my Venerated Ancestors.

How do you celebrate the change of the seasons? Share with us your practices.

A little poetry...Sekou Sundiata

Sis. Camara


Soraya said...

i never really plan to do anything special but almost always end up being extra creative..i take pleasure in the natural sounds and beauty around me..we planted some seeds the other day and i will prolly spent a little time cleaning up and trying to relax.

i have been feeling more relaxing lately and really working on flexing those positive brain muscles..the ego can be so mean.

haiku #12 ( though i think i lost the order and this is # 13).

filled with love i am
my body and mind are here
i glow with the sun

creativehealinggoddess said...

I normally fast during equinox or attend a workshop. On sunday I am vending at a Black Goddess event so Saturday I will meditate and fast ..(fruits and vegatables)which is what my spirit needs but my friend is asking that we go out for wheat free pizza. umm I need to tend to my loving spirit.