Saturday, March 20, 2010

DAY 19: Planting the SEED of LOVE

Happy Spring SiSTARS! How have you been? I have made it a point to be completely present in my household this weekend. Sis. Talibah has shown me some beautiful pictures of her favorite places and her home inspires me the most with all the colors and tea cups. I decided that I was going to welcome in spring by creating a patio get-a-way...So, today I went to the store and got some planter boxes and even one of those upside down tomato planters. There is a very nice nursery in a nearby city that carries some higher end plants but they also have some items that are very affordable. Today they had all kinds of organic seedlings and I fell for a small cluster of gourmet salad greens. I also go some non-gmo seeds - bell pepper, cherry tomato, and purple onion. I went to my mailbox later and wouldn't you know - Sis. Talibah sent me some beautiful sweet pea flower seeds! Talk about synchronicity!

So Sistahs, this time in our LoVe FeSt is about 'planting the seeds' of our love. Everyone has a reason or two for participating in this heart healing process. It is a good time to think about what steps you can take to achieve your heart goals. At day 19 I feel myself getting to the root of my desire...I have visualized some things I wish to accomplish and the kind of life I really wish to live. It feels good to feel open to possibility.

Here is a nice Spring Seed ritual to focus your desires...

You will need:
1 smallish soup bowl
1 cup or less of sesame seeds
a white piece of paper
a pen (choose an ink color that speaks to you)

In a quiet place take a moment to sit quietly and reflect on the passing of winter and the lessons you have learned. Give thanks. Section your white piece of paper into smaller 2" by 2" pieces. On the small pieces of paper write down your goals or desires.

Now sit in prayer and call in the Creator, your Venerated Ancestors and Venerated Spirit Guides. Give thanks to them all for guiding you and seeing you through to this time. Speak with them about your desires, your goals and ask them to help you achieve your dreams.

Take your empty bowl in your hands and visualize it as a container for possibilities.

Take your sesame seeds and pour them into the bowl - visualize them as the seeds of possibility - vast and unlimited.

Now read each dream/desire/goal aloud. Take each one and fold it small and bury them into the bowl of seeds. Tuck your desires/dreams/goals into your vessel of infinite possibilities...

You can keep adding to the bowl as the days go by or pick out one and re-read is ALL up to you...keep the bowl in an undisturbed place where you see it each day...

Here is a little Ursula Rucker LOVE...

Sis. Camara


Soraya said...

love the ritual and will try it. i also like intentional day dreaming and targeted body relaxation techniques.

haiku # 13

goddess love of love
your love guides and protects me
flower me with peace

sista g said...

I really like this. Would it sill work if I use other seeds? Possibly flower seeds?