Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whew!!! Sistahs, I have been traveling and doing some needs assessments this week for my job. I realize that for some people the passion of life is gone - they are just waiting. Perhaps deep inside they want something to change but the action of taking a step towards that change is not happening.

I know that sometimes you have to sit with what IS - just be in the emotion and figure things out AND my SiStahs there is a time when you let out a deep breath, GET UP and continue on. One of my Buddhist teachers told a class one time that the practice of meditation is not in-action - you don't just watch the world go by while you pray and meditate. Being in that oneness with the God/Goddess Creator is the fuel to ignite your passion. The insight developed in those quiet moments gives me the will to say no to all of the 'man-made' reality. I can easily see that no person, no place or condition has power over me. In fact that is the mantra for the days as we continue on in our LOVE FEST:


If someone offends you, inside say this affirmation. If you are in an environment that makes you feel passionless, say this affirmation. If a condition arises that you feel stressed over, say this affirmation. If practiced sincerely, you will begin to see the light of opportunity in front of you that can help you change anything that needs to be changed. The Creator/God/Goddess/Mother/Father/God is the ONLY POWER in your life. Nothing from without can change that fact. Once this truth is embodied fully, you can walk through life full of passion - fearless - faithful and highly favored!

I give thanks to all those BEAUTIFUL SiSTARS who have commented on this LOVE FEST. I find your words so soothing and uplifting AND so full of LOVE!!!

On Healing Abuse...

Soraya said...
ashe. thanks so much for sharing. i to have an abusive many sistah's do and we first need to acknowledge those ugly truism's before we can start the healing process. how we do that is personal and should be at our pace..should be done with love and gentleness. i know i'm not alone and that is a great comfort to me!

haiku #11

sistah my sistah
you are not alone today
learn to love yourself

Misspretty* said...
Thank you so much for that post. I am a work in progress!! I am so blad I ran across this site!!! I find the music healing and your posts stimulating! So keep it up Sistah!

creativehealinggoddess said...
thank you for your honesty and bravery you are a shinning beacon. Yes I have seen a lot of dysfunction in my life which was projected onto my own choice of partner. However in the process of healing I realise how important it is to stand and speak our truth, silence is a disease that we have adopted. It is important to be transparent clear and seen, to be witnessed so I dearly send you gratitude that you both cared to share with us.

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...
Thank you for sharing. Healing from abuse is a difficult process but it makes you so much stronger! I experienced a relationship that was emotionally and verbally abusive and healing from that has been my focus for the past couple of years.

Anonymous (SistahWarriorGoddess)said...
Your site has been a blessing to me my sista introduce me to your site (thanks KP)and I have already felt a change in me. This message really hits home and I'm working on me right now and this Love fest is really helping. I am seeing myself for the first time and not someone else's perception of me. I also experience verbal abuse and the healing is a very long process but worth it.

Thanks for your insight you are truly a blessing.

SistahGoddess Camara said...
It is beautiful to see how the balm of LOVE keeps healing us all and making us stronger. I share all of who I am so that we don't ever have to feel ashamed of the journey we walked. I find life to be one big lesson and am doing my best to be the student. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom with me!

Lastly, SistahGoddess Ayida Honor of Native Trade and Soul Visions blog talk radio has invited me to do a special show with her and some other Sistahs on healing from abuse. The show will be on Saturday, March 27, 5pm (pst) to 7pm (pst) on blog talk radio - search Soul Visions. We are looking for you to call in and share your stories and healing victories!!! The more we talk about our healing the more others feel it is ok for them to heal themselves. Hope you all will join us.

Here is a little Minnie...

Well, time to press forward.

Big HUGS!!!
Sis. Camara


creativehealinggoddess said...

Thank you for your spirit and luv Goddess.

A Rose Colored Glass said...

I am greatly thankful for your works of wisdom truth and healing....God surley had plans for you....i am emotional right now because your entries greatly impact my life.....i am trying to heal my wounds and find peace and healing....this post came at a good time...God answered my prayers for i have let the wrong things and people control me for the wrong reasons....I am tried of being angry at those that done me wrong....i am trying to be more forgiving for life is too short...i want to replace that anger with love for i am sure there is a reason why those situations showed me alot about why people change and how poeple let life get to them....i'm hoping i cantruley forgive them.....for i know i love them...sometimes the ego can get in the is all about living and learning....i dont think i am better than anyone because we all have done wrong...anyways blessings to you and my sistahs out there

Sistah C said...

@Marilyn, thank you and hugs!
@ A Rose Colored Glass,
Hugs Sistah! We are all on this journey. I know that I go through moments of being resentful, madd, sad but what I do notice too is that I don't stay there too long. I think as I exercise my heart it seems to bounce back quicker...It may sound funny, but the other night after a long day, I sat back and turned on the tv and Biggest Loser was on...and the folks were weighing themselves. One brotha got up there and he had lost the most on his whole team and everyone broke down crying. His little brother said that he was becoming the man that everyone saw him as already. I thought that was so profound. In that moment he affirmed that he was transforming for himself - not for others cause they already knew and loved him perfectly as is. I was crying watchin' it cause I realize so much of the healing is not so others will find us perfect, it is so WE will realize we ARE PERFECT -born perfect. What we are healing is the image of ourselves not being that Goddess-birthed being.
Peace and Light,
Sis. Camara