Sunday, April 11, 2010


artist, SithLordLisa

Sistahs, I have been away on business and just couldn't break away to write during this time. Now I am at the airport and I am finally feeling like I have catch up with you all and just go over the beauty of this BEAUTIFUL process we have called the LOVE FEST!

First, I have to say that in this process I have realized that Love- true love is really an INWARD process. I feel as if some transformation has happened for me and it was not the way I visioned it...I actually think it turned out even better. I have a peace that has taken me some years to develop. My mind is not consumed with or racing with thoughts of how to be perfect in the eyes of someone else - instead I am so content with who I AM. I have know for a while that true love needs to be cultivated on the inside but I think I now know this on all levels.

In all ways I see how this LOVE FEST has allowed me to re-shape situations that I have found challenging in the past. Now I feel that I can truly change parts of my life that need to change. I have found the alchemist inside and she is working to bring light and well being to all parts of my life. I also have seen how many of relationships belong to the old me - a person who was not too confident or sure of herself - so now I am stepping out to follow my own path and just be. It takes that inward LOVE to do this - I can say I no longer need approval to live my life to the fullest. I feel very FREE - very liberated - it is like the last shackle has been released from around my ankles - self imposed...

Sistahs, we all have our own lives to live. We all have things to contribute to the world and we all have our own paths. I continue to learn more about this powerful wombyn that I AM. I know I have 10,000 Ancestors who back me AND want me to succeed in any endeavor I choose to take on...this is true power. No one can give this to you and they certainly do not have the power to take it away from you. Sistahs, your LOVE heals the world.

Lets keep loving and unfolding to our true self - this is our divine right.

I have been working on a new project Sistahs - just in time for the blooming of this LOVE FEST! I am now going to have a monthly radio show called New Moon Visionaries on blogtalk radio. Yes, it will be on or around the new moon of each moon. The mission of the show is the same as this blog - to uplift and heal the SistahGoddesses of the world. My goal is to make this a forum to sharing all aspect of ourselves to help each other grow and develop.

My first guest will be SistahGoddess Liaya Aneb Nua, Bliss Activist, Teacher, Healer. She recently provided me with my very own vulva chart reading. It was very illuminating. She will be providing mini-consultations on the radio show. We will be talking about the how the vulva is the wombyn's wisdom center and it informs our lives daily. See her bio below.

The New Moon Visionaries show will take place on the 14th - times will be announced this week!

Liaya's Bio
I’ve been practicing yoga for over 23 years, 10 of which have been as a Tantra and Taoist yoga teacher. My love of the stars lead me to become an astrologer over 25 years ago. I work with Tantric astrology as well as Western sidereal and seasonal, Kemetic, and Mayan astrological systems. My own personal journey also guided me to reclaim ancient Mother worship where I first heard of Tantra, Kama Sutra, Nubian Kemetic spiritual culture, and sacred sexuality. Learning to build sacred relationship is part of my mission. I’ve allowed myself to become a channel for healing energies using my gift of intuition and oracular abilities as well as my training with yoga traditions and direct lineage aboriginal healers. I’ve also worked as a rape crisis counselor and chemical dependency counselor. I’m a licensed minister and currently hold shrines for Bast, Sekhmet, Nit, Het Heru and Tripursundari. Lastly, my creative energies are currently focused on finishing my book “ Living Sacredly The Yogini Way, A Guide To Healing, Peace, Prosperity & Sacred Sexuality”, also an initiation workbook for young women and a CD “Restoring Feminine Balance.”

Join us in this sacred space. More info to come shortly.

Sis. Camara


creativehealinggoddess said...

I thank you for keeping opening up your sanctuary for healing. I truly felt that i would sitting in a fire circle of women sharing hot cocoa and stories.

May you continue to excel and inspire us all with your focus and vision.

I cannot wait for your Radio Show! and I look forward to listening to Sis Liaya's interview, I love her work.

I would love to come on your Moon Show too! Again Sis its been healing and a period of growth and may you stay blessed sis!

sista g said...

I've truly enjoyed this Love Fest. It's interesting that you said true love is an inward process. I've read a little bit of Metu Neter vol 1, and one chapter explained how many dont realize that they need to look inside. So when you say true love is an inward process, it makes so much sense. I wish you wonderful blessings, because your blog is a blessing to me.